3 Ways Students at Our Private High School Benefit From Personalized Learning

At the Great Lakes College of Toronto, we see the value of nurturing student success with our personalized learning program. Since our goal is to prepare students for successful admission into prestigious North American universities, we strive to unlock each student’s highest potential. Of course, this process looks different for each individual. 

In traditional learning environments, students are often left behind, needing to catch up when a one-size-fits-all instruction approach is used. To ensure that none of our students fall between the cracks and that they are provided with the best possible support, we strive to personalize the learning experience for each student, ensuring that we understand how they learn and giving them access to the tools they need to achieve their academic goals. High engagement, accelerated progress, and one-on-one support from our dedicated instructors are some benefits our students enjoy. Keep reading to learn more. 

1. Higher Student Engagement Facilitates Comprehension

Our personalized education program empowers students to pursue university admissions through an individualized study plan based on their unique needs. By taking their natural learning styles and needs into account, students become more engaged in the learning process. Experts agree that high levels of student engagement result in higher academic achievement. The concept of student engagement is multifaceted and complex, involving several components. Affective, cognitive, behavioural, agentic, and social engagement all play a role in the engagement that contributes to high academic achievement. Our private high school students are encouraged to be active learners, setting goals and working with instructors to reach them. In addition, their learning takes place in a friendly, supportive, and inclusive environment that helps them stay engaged with other diligent learners, our helpful staff, and their course material.

Our private high school encourages student engagement which fosters higher achievement.

2. Accelerated Progress Prepares Our Private High School Students for University 

One of the unique features of our personalized education program is our focus on accelerated progress. We are a fast track university prep school, aiming to provide the tools and support that students need to strengthen their language skills and get the academic results they need in time for university application deadlines. Of course, not only do we provide instruction that is designed to accelerate student progress and improve test scores, but we also deliver quality instruction that deepens their comprehension of course material. 

3. Additional One-on-One Support Helps Motivate Students 

We understand that high school can be an overwhelming time, particularly for international students learning in a completely new environment far away from home. 

That’s why, through one-on-one academic and career counseling, we strive to guide students through this transformative life stage to keep them motivated to do their best and achieve the academic results they need to reach their goals and secure bright futures. The fact that over 90% of our students receive university admission clearly indicates that our holistic approach to education is effective.

Students at our fast-track university prep school receive one-on-one support.

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