Fee Schedule

The Great Lakes College of Toronto 2016 Fee Schedule(Effective from September Semester of 2017)

Application Fee CAD $200
Tuition CAD $15,500 10 Courses Package
Up to 10 courses
CAD $11,150 7 Courses Package
Up to 7 courses
CAD $1,650 Per course
Residence CAD $7,560 1 Year  ($630/Month)1,2,3
Homestay CAD $8,760 1 Year  ($730/Month)
Residence Deposit and Service Fee CAD $600 Refundable up to $300
Meal Plan CAD $5,040 1 Year ($420/Month)
Health Insurance

CAD $650 (Standard Option)

CAD $1,000 (Enhanced Option)

1 Year
Activity Fee CAD $600 1 Year
Custodianship CAD $400 Under ages of 18

1. On-campus dormitory and Off-campus housing

2. Furnished room, include refrigerator, Internet, etc.

3. If student has no special request, The Great Lakes College of Toronto reserves the right to place the students into on-site residence, off-site residence, single/double/triple rooms and home stay.

4. Custodianship will cease when student is no longer attending The Great Lakes College of Toronto.

5. The main differences between Health Insurance Standard Option and Enhanced Option are: I.) Premium covers pre-existing condition. II.) Premium covers Psychologist and Psychiatric Care. For detail insurance coverage, please see the Attachment: Student_policy

Download the latest fee schedule: 2017 FEE SCHEDULE