Ang Choon Wee, William (Responded in 2005)

Hi there,

I think it is a great project to contact the old boys and girls of GLCT and have a data base build up to link all of us together.  Having left GLCT for 20 years, I think this project is seriously overdue.

I received the Form some days ago and the following is my response.

Type of work (present occupation):    General Manager, Foreign Exchange and Remittances

My experience in GLCT:

This was way back in 1985.  I spent only 8 months in GLCT, completed two semesters in the then Grade 13 program in August 1985; and moved on to study at the University of Windsor.  Though only short 8 months, GLCT had taught me many aspects of foreign education, life/social skills and make friends from countries all over.  It was truly an eye opener and widen my international perspectives.

Yours sincerely,

William Ang