What Are the Benefits of Attending Our Fast-Track University Prep School?

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The Great Lakes College of Toronto is a unique university prep school in Ontario that strives to prepare students for success in competitive post-secondary institutions. In addition to a rigorous curriculum, GLCT offers a family-like environment that nurtures the growth and development of our students so that they can enter university with the skills and confidence they need to succeed. 

With our fast-track university prep program, the benefits are endless. Keep reading to learn how we support students as they pursue the careers of their dreams, allowing them to start and finish their university preparation efficiently, get used to independent living, and prime them for high academic achievement.

Five In-Take Periods Throughout the Year Allow Students to Start Quickly

Typically, secondary schools in Ontario admit students twice a year, but at GLCT, we acknowledge that one of the main objectives for most of our students is quick university preparation. For this reason, we admit students five times a year to ensure they can receive acceptance into university in January or September following the start of their studies at GLCT. 

Our April/June semester graduates can enter university by January of the following year. Those who start studying at GLCT during the  November/January/April semester can enter university by September of the following year. Our fast-track university prep school is committed to supporting the goals of our students by getting them into post-secondary institutions quickly. 

Private school student smiling outside after being accepted into a school
Our private school provides a smooth acceptance experience through our intake periods.

Our Private School Students Adjust to Independent Living Before University

Most students at GLCT are experiencing their first time away from home. Success in a university depends heavily on a student’s ability to live independently. Our private school in Toronto provides the perfect avenue for students to practice living a balanced life away from their families in a safe, comfortable environment. 

We provide plenty of opportunities to forge strong connections with their peers and rely on our caring faculty members as they learn to prioritize their time, develop effective study habits, and stay healthy. Being located close to downtown Toronto, near several amenities like grocery stores, community centres, and public transportation routes, students can prepare to juggle a full academic schedule with balanced living.

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Our students recently visited the Staples store with our private school.

Our Private School Promotes Academic Skills for Post-Secondary Success

At GLCT, students receive a well-rounded education. Our curriculum covers all subjects required for admission into North American universities. In addition to strengthening their English language skills, students can explore their interests in STEM subjects and the arts in our modern science lab, art studio, and drama room.

Each student receives an individual study plan and is encouraged to consult our guidance department regularly to discuss course descriptions, admission requirements at their universities of choice, important deadlines for university applications, and any issues students may be experiencing. Our fast-track university prep program creates a convenient and smooth student transition into university life. Join us to get the skills you need to prepare for a bright future. 

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