How To Choose The Right Career For You After Fast Track University Prep School

private high school students posing at a career event

It may feel as though you were in primary school just a short while ago but as a highschooler thinking about their future, you’re likely to be preparing to choose the right career path. This decision can present a wide range of challenges and bring up some anxiety. This is completely normal. After all, we spend much of our lives at work. For a happy, financially stable, and fulfilling life, it’s important to put a lot of thought into this choice. Luckily, when you take the fast track to university at the Great Lakes College of Toronto, you will be well prepared to navigate your options and finally, determine what path suits your interests, strengths, and goals the best. Keep reading to find out how you can make the most of the support we provide and start your journey to success whatever that looks like for you. 

Explore Your Interests 

Naturally, you’re bound to perform best in areas that interest you both on an academic level and throughout your career. At GLCT, we provide students with ample opportunity to explore a variety of interests. From STEM subjects to the arts, our curriculum is designed to produce well-rounded graduates who possess a variety of transferable skills. In addition to core subjects like math, English, and science, we offer students the opportunity to learn about the world around them in subjects like World Issues: A Geographic Analysis, International Business Fundamentals, Writer’s Craft, and more. By being introduced to a wide variety of marketable skill sets, students at our fast track university prep school are given plenty of room to explore, discover their interests, and hone their skills in their subject of choice.

private high school students watching a career presentation
Private high school students are exposed to various subjects in class and at events.

Remember To Think About The Future

As you embark on the exciting journey to your ideal career, be sure to consider advancement opportunities. If you see yourself working your way up the corporate ladder in a career with upward mobility, it will be imperative to determine just how ‘future-proof’ each of your career options are. Your financial and lifestyle goals are another factor to consider when choosing a career. Think of what your ideal future looks like. Perhaps you wish to be able to travel for work. Maybe your main priority is a flexible schedule. Maybe a comfortable salary doing something you enjoy is your goal. During your research, be sure to consider what your dream life looks like and determine what career path aligns best.

Take Advantage Of The Resources Available At Our Fast Track University Prep School

Students at GLCT have access to a broad range of support that they can use to narrow down their options and work towards their goals. Our guidance counselors are available to provide information to our students regarding university programs that appeal to them according to their career goals.

private high school students attending a career info session
This year our private high school students received helpful information and counseling during our career chat.

This year, on July 14th  we enlisted the assistance of established professionals to provide private high school students with helpful career info sessions and counseling in an event called GLCT Career Chat. We know that sometimes, all it takes is a little inspiration for students to discover paths they would have otherwise never thought of. With plenty of opportunities to explore options in class, some thorough research, and counseling, GLCT students can confidently navigate one of the most crucial decisions of their lives. 

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