Entrance Test – Device Configuration (Windows)

In order to take the online entrance test, you will need to install Safe Exam Browser on your device. This section includes instructions for configuring devices so they can run the assessment successfully. For each operating system, the device configuration process is completed in two steps:


  1. the installation of the Safe Exam Browser
  2. the configuration of the software


Which platforms are supported with GLCT Entrance Test?

The GLCT entrance test can be taken with variety of devices. Please consult the table below for more information.

Please note: Different operating systems and devices will require different browser locking software to run the entrance test and will require different installation processes. Please refer to the device configuration instructions to see the process for the different operating systems and devices.


Operating SystemSupported Browser List
Windows (Microsoft)

Google Chrome – updated version

Mozilla Firefox – updated version

Microsoft Edge – updated version

Mac OSX 10.13.6

High Sierra or higher (Apple, MacBook)

Safari – updated version

Google Chrome – updated version

Mozilla Firefox – updated version

Mac iOS (Apple, iPad)Safari – updated version
Please note: The minimum recommended screen resolution for the devices to run the assessments is 768 x 1024. This allows any device the size of an iPad Mini or larger to be used.

For Apple devices , please read: Entrance Test – Device Configuration (Apple)

Safe Exam Browser Installation Instructions—Windows

The live assessment can be accessed only through the Safe Exam Browser (SEB) using a valid configuration file. The SEB is a specialized web browser that restricts students’ access to external tools and resources while they are taking the assessment. The SEB-configuration file regulates access to system functions, other applications and other settings, while also pointing the SEB to the assessment and performing a special “handshake” to validate security.

You can download Safe Exam Browser for Windows through the following link: https://moodle.glctschool.com/tool/SafeExamBrowser-Windows.exe (version 3.3.0)

Installing the SEB on Windows

Please note: The assessment is compatible up to version 3.3.0 of the SEB.

2. Once the download is complete, run the SafeExamBrowser-Windows.exe file to initiate the installation.

You will be asked to allow the installation to make changes on your device. You must give this permission to proceed.

3. A window with an installation wizard will open. Click Next to proceed. Select “I accept the terms in the license agreement.” Click Install and then Finish.

4. Please don’t run Safe Exam Browser just yet.

Loading the SEB-Configuration File

In order to access the assessment, the system needs to be opened through the Safe Exam Browser using an SEB-configuration file. This file opens to a login screen, which then opens directly to the assessment.

You will need to enter “1978” to open the configuration file.

Download the SEB-Configuration File: https://moodle.greatlakeshs.ca/tool/SebClientSettings.seb

Please note that the software should not be opened directly. The SEB-configuration file in the downloads folder must be double-clicked.