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The Great Lakes College of Toronto is a certified Private High School located in downtown Toronto, Canada. Established in 1978, our school has developed expertise in educating international high school and post-secondary students throughout the past 40 years. We specialize in preparing our students for entrance into North American universities and colleges, as well as assisting students with learning English as a second language. GLCT is known for our “Personalized Education Program” in which we aim to meet the various needs of all our unique students.

To date, universities in Canada, the United States and throughout the world have accepted over 10,000 of our graduates. In recent years, 90+% of our graduates have been admitted to universities. Our students consistently receive Ontario and Canadian academic awards, as well as university entrance scholarships. This high record of success reflects the professional commitment and personalized touch that has become a trademark of The Great Lakes College of Toronto.

Personalized Education Program

Guidance teachers meet individually and on a regular basis with students to ensure that they are applying for the programs and universities that will enable them to gain admission to the most appropriate university.

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GLCT fast track university preparation program

The Great Lakes College of Toronto (GLCT) is one of the few high schools in the province of Ontario that offers five student in-take times per school year. You may wonder why we have so many semesters in one calendar year. In Canada, there are two main admission times when universities accept new students, September and January. In addition, some universities also admit students in May for the summer session.

• April/June Semester Intake Graduates enter university by January of the next year.

• November/January/April Semester Intake Graduates enter university by the following September.

GLCT Grades 9-12

University/college preparation courses include content that is relevant for the study of both university and college programs. These courses are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to meet the entrance requirements for specific university and college programs. Six Grade 12 university or university/college preparation courses are required for university entrance.

glct-English as a Second Language ESL program

Our five-level English a Second Language (ESL) program is based on the curriculum developed by the Ontario Ministry of Education and is taught by a staff of highly professional teachers. This program enables students to acquire effective communication skills in all areas of language study, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It enables students to achieve the standard of English necessary to succeed in high school and university courses. Students may finish one ESL level in two months.

Summer Camp

Since 1994, our college has offered Language Study and summer Camp Tours. The success of these summer camps has grown each year, attracting young people from all over the world. Our summer camp program allows students to learn and practice their English as a Second Language (ESL) skills and at the same time, have fun visiting major attractions in Toronto, and other areas in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.



Campus Facility

The GLCT campus is located near downtown Toronto in the North High Park area, which includes High Park, the largest park in Toronto, and is in the middle of a prestigious residential area. The school is close to subway and TTC bus lines, a community library, supermarkets, banks, shopping areas, all within 10-15 minutes of walking distance.

Off-Campus Houses

Homestay is the most popular choice for our students as most of our students love to stay with families.

On-Campus Dormitory

Homestay is the most popular choice for our students as most of our students love to stay with families.


Integrate into the local culture, create lifelong memories and connections by staying with one of our carefully selected homestay families.

Latest news

Scholarship Photo
University Scholarships in Canada for International Students 2022-2023
Scholarship Photo
University Scholarships in Canada for International Students 2022-2023

Many of the Great Lakes College of Toronto students are applying for Canadian Universities now. There are many scholarships opportunities, but not all of them are available for international students. The list of the scholarships in Canada for International Students is given below: 1) Carleton University Scholarship 2022 Carleton University allows you to choose a […]

Merry Christmas 2021
Happy World Teacher’s Day

Dear teachers, Thank you for your unmatched and significant role in the development of every student under your care. We appreciate your contributions and achievements in education, specifically uplifting the spirit of credibility at GLCT. Huge thank you and wish you again a productive day filled with appreciation.

2021-2022 Student Council Election

Dear students, Student Council selection is now open to all students at GLCT. Positions include: President Vice-president Secretary Visual director Event Planner Promoter Assistants and many more positions. If you wish to join the student council just apply for the position you want. For those that are wondering if they should apply, remember that joining […]

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