How Our ESL Program Prepares Students to Be Effective Communicators

A teenage ESL student at our private school in Toronto

Communication goes beyond the ability to speak or understand a language. These days, communication skills are precious for professional development, academic advancement, and cultivating personal relationships. Communication skills are essential to all aspects of one’s life. 

Effective communication skills do not come naturally, even to native speakers. For second-language speakers, learning a language only sometimes equates to being a competent communicator unless specific attention is invested in that direction. 

At Great Lakes College of Toronto, we understand language’s crucial role in a student’s academic journey, especially for those for whom English is a second language. This is why we have meticulously designed a five-level English as a Second Language (ESL) program aligned with the curriculum standards set by the Ontario Ministry of Education. We aim to teach English and cultivate skilled communicators who can thrive in high school, university, and beyond. This blog post details how our ESL program prepares students to communicate effectively. 

Our ESL program breaks the English learning process into easily manageable steps

We’ve designed a mixed approach to English language instruction that has proven wildly successful over several decades. Our program is structured into five progressive levels, each tailored to guide students from basic to advanced English proficiency. These levels are:

  • ESL Level 1 (ESLAO, ELDAO): Laying the foundation for English learners, focusing on basic language skills.
  • ESL Level 2 (ESLBO, ELDBO): Building upon the basics, introducing more complex language structures.
  • ESL Level 3 (ESLCO, ELDCO): Enhancing fluency with intermediate language concepts.
  • ESL Level 4 (ESLDO, ELDDO): Preparing students for advanced English usage in academic settings.
  • ESL Level 5 (ESLEO, ELDEO): Polishing students’ skills for proficiency in high school and university courses.

Each level comprises of approximately 110 teaching hours over eight weeks, ensuring an intensive yet manageable learning experience. Our ESL instruction model is designed to facilitate positive learning outcomes for students of all skill levels.

A focused student attending a class at our ESL school
Our ESL program breaks the English learning process into easily manageable steps.

Students who finish ESL Level 5 move on to our regular curriculum. This transition proves readiness to address problems in an academic setting where most students speak English and a change in the curriculum. Our ESL curriculum gives them the self-assurance and abilities they need to succeed in their future academic endeavors.

Our Holistic Approach to Language Instruction 

Our ESL program is not confined to traditional classroom teaching. We emphasize all areas of language study – reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This holistic approach ensures that our students are not just learning English; they are learning to communicate effectively in all situations. Whether participating in class discussions, understanding academic texts, writing essays, or listening to lectures, our students develop skills crucial for academic success.

A class of students at our ESL school concentrating during a task
Our ESL school’s holistic approach equips you with top comprehension, verbal, and writing skills.

Expertise Meets Passion in Our Professional ESL Educators

The backbone of our program is the team of highly professional teachers at our ESL school. They are not just instructors but mentors who understand the nuances of language learning. Their expertise is not limited to grammar and vocabulary; they are adept at fostering a learning environment where students feel comfortable experimenting with and using the language in practical scenarios.

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