How Our ESL Program Helps Private School Students Reach Their Academic Goals

Private school students sit together to study.

In addition to being the language of international communication, business, and the internet, English is the primary language of instruction in many North American schools. Consequently, students who intend to pursue higher education in any institution in North America must have a strong grasp of the English language. Communicating effectively in English is essential for these students to succeed academically, socially, and professionally.

For international students seeking to overcome the language barrier and give themselves greater chances of acceptance into the university of their dreams, the ESL program at the Great Lakes College of Toronto (GLCT) can be immensely valuable. In this blog, we discuss how our ESL program helps private school students reach their academic goals by improving their English language skills.

Academic Advantages of Having Strong English Language Skills

Strong English language skills are vital for students seeking acceptance into North American post-secondary institutions. In most cases, a good command of English is a requirement for admission into these institutions. Furthermore, students with strong English literacy skills are better equipped to understand course material, exam questions, and lecture discussions. With our unique instruction model and comprehensive curriculum, our private high school actively encourages the inculcation of solid English language skills in our students.

Better Reading Comprehension at Our Private School

One of the most significant academic benefits of strong English literacy skills is better reading comprehension. Private school students with strong reading comprehension skills can understand course material quickly and efficiently. This means they can read textbooks, articles, and other written materials with ease, allowing them to grasp complex concepts and theories more easily. Strong reading skills also help students analyze and interpret information, making it easier to understand and answer exam questions. During our program, students are introduced and exposed to five levels of English Literacy Development courses aimed at enhancing their reading and comprehension skills, giving them a competitive advantage when they get into college.

Private school female student sits in class with a laptop.
The ESL program at our private high school helps students to interpret information.

Strong Oral Communication

Good oral communication skills are an important prerequisite for academic success. Effective communication with instructors and fellow students is crucial for success in the classroom, especially when it comes to presentations and group projects.

Our ESL program helps our private high school students develop strong oral communication skills through rigorous and targeted instruction, speaking exercises, and group discussions. Each student has access to personalized instruction, and our supportive and highly professional teachers encourage our students to practice their oral communication skills regularly. By practicing speaking in a supportive environment, students gain confidence in communicating effectively in English.

Four private school learners sit at a roundtable to interpret information.
Private school students need strong oral communication skills to succeed in university.

Good Writing Skills

Good writing skills are also essential for students seeking academic success. Research papers and essays in English require strong writing skills. Students with strong writing skills can express their ideas clearly and concisely, making it easier for instructors to understand their arguments. Additionally, good writing skills help students to organize their thoughts and ideas effectively, allowing them to write papers that are well-structured and easy to follow.

Our ESL program at GLCT is critical in helping private school students reach their academic goals. Strong English language skills are essential for students seeking acceptance into North American post-secondary institutions, and our program provides the tools to help students succeed. From improving reading comprehension to developing strong oral communication and writing skills, our ESL program offers a comprehensive approach to learning English. As a result, private school students who enroll in our program are better equipped to achieve academic success in North American institutions.

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