Overcoming Common Language Challenges With our ESL Program

At the Great Lakes College of Toronto, we understand how challenging it can be to learn a new language and integrate into a completely new environment as an international student. Particularly when students seek to be enrolled in competitive post-secondary programs in North America, a strong command of the English language will set the foundation for their academic and future career success. Our English as a Second Language (ESL) program is designed to improve students’ communication and literacy skills in order to prepare them for the future. We take a holistic approach to language instruction, providing personalized lessons to students and the perfect environment for practicing and honing their skills. We cover all aspects of effective language acquisition including reading, writing, oral communication, and comprehension. Read on to learn how our ESL program can help you thrive.

English Literacy Prepares You for Academic Success After ESL School 

In post-secondary education programs, strong literacy skills are imperative for success in any area of study. Not only will students need to be able to communicate clearly with their professors and classmates but independent study will require them to have strong reading comprehension skills to understand course material. In addition, the ability to write good dissertations will bolster students’ academic results. Strong spelling, grammar, and vocabulary skills are expected at the post-secondary level. For this reason, those seeking an ESL school should choose an education program that focuses on all aspects of English communication. Our experienced teachers guide students through our 5-level ESL education that covers reading, writing, speaking, and listening. We’ve based our program on the curriculum developed by the Ontario Ministry of Education to ensure that students leave with the skills they need to succeed in Canadian universities.

The literacy skills that students gain in our ESL program will set the foundation for future academic success.

Overcome Unique Language Challenges Through Personalized Instruction

We know that everyone has their own unique learning styles, strengths, and challenges to overcome. Many other factors come together to create variations in students’ learning needs, including their first language and their previous exposure to English media. This is why our lessons are personalized. We take the time to get to know each student, understand their needs, and create a plan of action that best addresses their personal challenges during the English language learning process. For example, if a student excels at written English communication but struggles to speak in English, we’ll focus on helping them overcome their English speaking skills while drawing on their strengths. 

Students in our ESL program get access to individualized instruction that suits their personal learning needs.

Hone Your Language Skills Through An Active Social Environment at GLCT

In addition to a robust, holistic ESL program designed to advance English language skills, GLCT provides the perfect environment for students to hone their English communication skills. Located in downtown Toronto, our campus is the perfect place for students to be exposed to English and other students who are striving towards similar goals. If you’re looking for an English language program that will support your child’s success, look no further than our private high school, where over 90% of our students receive admission to universities. 

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