How Our Private High School Prepares Your Child For North American Universities

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Applying for and getting admitted to university can be an intimidating process, especially as an international student seeking admission at a North American institution. Students and their parents often have to navigate differing credit systems, language examinations, scholarship applications, and more – all of which can be confusing for those who are new to these requirements. However, with the right secondary or post-secondary program, your child can receive the guidance and support they need to move through this process and succeed at the university level. 

The Great Lakes College of Toronto (GLCT) has more than 40 years of experience preparing international students for entrance into North American universities and colleges. With over 90% of graduates receiving admission to universities, GLCT specializes in equipping international students with quality academic skills that are aligned with a university curriculum, while also providing support along the way.

Discover how our Personalized Education Program and counselling services can help your child prepare for North American University.

Students Receive One-on-One Guidance Counselling 

The Personalized Education Program offered at our private high school is something that truly sets GLCT apart. Through this program, students completing a university preparation program have access to one-on-one sessions with our guidance counsellors. 

Upon their arrival at our school, students are supported in developing an individualized study plan to match their specific needs and goals. This study plan takes into account where they’d like to attend university, what they’re interested in studying and what their desired career path might look like. In addition, our guidance counsellors provide admissions requirements, course descriptions and other relevant information from universities in North America, helping students to make an informed decision about where they’d like to apply. Counsellors also support students academically, ensuring that they are understanding the material and are on the right track to succeed.

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At our private high school, guidance counsellor meets with students individually to ensure their success

Our Programs Promote Academic Success in University

Beyond helping international students move through the university application process, our school also ensures the curriculum is aligned with the expectations that students will face upon entering university. 

Our fast track university prep school offers two programs designed to prepare students to succeed academically at a university level. The Fast-Track University Preparation Program and the University Preparation program both offer extensive academic courses for students to select from, depending on the educational program they’re interested in pursuing. With subjects exploring the Arts, Business, English, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Sciences, and more, students have the opportunity to develop a strong academic foundation. Led by dedicated instructors, courses are taught based on a belief in personalized education, ensuring that each student’s individual needs, learning styles, and study habits are accounted for. 

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Specialized programs prepare students for a university curriculum

Students Are Equipped With the Resources They Need

With years of experience providing international students with the support they need to complete the university application process and excel academically, GLCT offers a number of high-quality resources. Our Student Services team helps students to compile the documents they may need in order to attend universities in North America, such as visa applications, accommodation applications, or medical insurance applications. Additionally, our staff is experienced in helping students to identify opportunities for scholarships and apply for them. In fact, 81% of GLCT graduates receive university scholarships, easing the financial burden of attending university in North America. 

With so many support systems in place, as well as programs designed to prepare students for academic success in university, our personalized approach can help your child to make their academic and career dreams come true.

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