How our Private School Campus Supports Academic Achievement

Here at the Great Lakes College of Toronto, we know that a student’s environment plays an important role in their learning success. That’s why our campus provides a safe, enriching setting for students to learn and grow. Located near downtown Toronto, in the middle of a prestigious residential area, our students benefit from several amenities just a short walk away. In addition, we facilitate studying with free wi-fi on campus and subject-specific rooms that provide students with all the tools they need to expand their horizons in class. Read on to learn what our campus offers and how we strive to create the perfect learning environment for our students. 

Nearby Amenities Allow Our Students to Enjoy Balanced Lives 

The location of our campus near the heart of Toronto means that students are close to any amenities they could possibly need. This includes several community centers with swimming pools, soccer fields, and skating rinks, where students can maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Research shows a positive correlation between physical fitness and academic performance, which is why we encourage students to take advantage of their location and get the exercise they need to keep their minds sharp and ready for learning. 

The location of our private school campus lends itself to convenient grocery shopping, banking, exploring the community library, and getting around quickly and easily via public transportation. Students enjoy balanced lives where they can access everything they need, including ample opportunities to build independence.

The location of our private high school lends itself to balanced, independent living.

Free Wi-Fi on Campus Makes Studying Convenient 

Students today rely on various online tools to access course material, do research, and even turn in their assignments. The internet is an essential tool for students to communicate with their instructors and each other, find the most recent and relevant information on their topic of study and explore universities or future career goals. We ensure that students at our private high school have free internet access on campus to make their learning and individual study sessions convenient and seamless.

Our private school students get access to free internet on campus to facilitate their learning.

Subject-Specific Rooms at Our Private School Keep Students Engaged

At GLCT, students are encouraged to explore their interests. That’s why we provide them with the tools and spaces they need to thrive. Our students can explore and experiment in our art, drama, and science rooms, designed to maximize their engagement in the material they’re learning about.

In addition to all the campus features we’ve discussed above, the Great Lakes College of Toronto provides a secure environment for students, with teachers who are available at all times to monitor the safety of each student. We pride ourselves on a learning environment centred on effective learning and student well-being. 

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