How Private High School Students Improve Academic Results

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If you’re coming from an international background with the goal of receiving higher education in Canada or the United States, improving your academic results is the key to success. When it comes to preparing for life after secondary school, whether that’s university or college, building a strong academic foundation will help you to stand out amongst other applicants. At the same time, you’ll refine your interests and transition more easily to higher-level courses. 

At the Great Lakes College of Toronto, our programs are designed to prepare students to attend North American universities and colleges, with personalized courses taught by teachers who know exactly what it takes to excel at the next level. Offering a University Preparation Program and a Fast Track University Prep program, we specialize in helping students to build relevant knowledge for university and college entrance. Below, discover the many ways that students at the Great Lakes College of Toronto improve their academic results.

A Personalized Approach to Learning at Our Private High School

Each student has their own unique style of learning, whether that’s visual, auditory, reading and writing or a combination. Without a personalized approach to learning, students may struggle to learn at the same pace as their classmates, limiting their academic performance. 

At our private high school, we recognize the importance of accounting for each student’s individual needs. We’re set apart by our personalized approach to learning, ensuring that every student has access to the resources and attention they need to succeed. Within each course, our teachers apply a belief in personalized education to their teaching, creating an environment where all students can improve their academic results in a way that works for them. 

Additionally, with our Personalized Education Program, students can work with a counsellor to develop a guided study plan to match their academic needs and future goals. This will prepare them to gain entrance to their desired university or college.

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Students at our private high school receive the personalized attention they need to succeed

Programs Designed to Prepare

Programs at GLCT are specifically designed to prepare students academically for entrance into top universities and colleges. That’s why 96% of our graduating students go on to attend a post-secondary institution, and 60% of graduates receive offers to the top universities in Canada! 

Within the Fast Track University Preparation program, students improve their academic results in relevant courses with a curriculum that prepares them for what’s next. Courses like the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course, World Issues, International Business Fundamentals and Mathematics of Data Management equip students with skills they’ll use in higher-level courses. The result is strong academic results in a short period of time.

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Our programs prepare students for higher education

Experienced Teachers and Staff

The teachers at our private high school in Canada are another key reason why students are able to improve their academic results while attending GLCT. Each teacher has extensive experience in preparing students of all different backgrounds and learning styles for what’s to come. 

What’s more, GLCT’s guidance and academic counsellors all have strong knowledge of the application process for universities and colleges in Canada and elsewhere. With their expert guidance and experience, students can develop a path to academic success based on their desired program and specific goals. With so many resources available, and a staff dedicated to our students, those who attend GLCT will be sure to achieve success during secondary school and beyond.

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