How to Stay Motivated as You Complete Fast Track University Prep School

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Students exploring enrollment at the Great Lakes College of Toronto (GLCT) are typically goal-oriented and determined to succeed. Still, moving to a new part of the world, learning a new language, and pursuing good grades simultaneously is not a small feat. It’s not unreasonable for students striving for success in Canada to wonder, “How will I stay motivated to get everything done?” 

Today, we have some tips for staying motivated to help you face challenges head-on and reach your academic goals. With a few small but impactful habits and support from faculty members at GLCT, you can stay motivated enough to do what it takes to realize your dreams. 

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

When working toward a long-term goal, it can be easy to get lost in the many day-to-day tasks that must be done. As a result, many ambitious students need to catch up on the purpose behind their efforts, which can cause a lack of motivation. How can you avoid this? As you progress academically, keep your end goal constantly in sight. Some find vision boards helpful, while others find it more effective to write their end goals down and hang them up like a poster. Exercises like these will help you to see your assignments and studying as stepping stones toward your purpose. This has a very positive, motivating effect for many students.

A happy fast track university prep school student celebrating an accomplishment
Remember the purpose behind all of your hard work in fast track university prep school.

Break Your Work Into Small Pieces

To ensure you can manage your workload during fast track university prep school, try breaking up tasks and assignments into small pieces. To stay motivated, it’s best to avoid getting overwhelmed. Once you’ve received an assignment, start scheduling several short work sessions that enable you to avoid stressful situations like pulling overnighters that can decrease your motivation and increase your stress levels over time.

Create a Pleasant Study Ritual

Studying is meant to be challenging, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. Though it’s no guarantee that you’ll always be enthralled with the course material you’re tackling, you can create a study ritual that injects enjoyment into your daily schedule. During your studies at a private high school, try playing your favorite music as you study. Reward yourself after accomplishing challenging but realistic study goals. Sit down with your favorite snack when it’s time to get to work. These simple habits can help you make positive associations in your mind with studying and perhaps begin to look forward to it.

A fast track university prep school student enjoying a study session
Make studying enjoyable to stay motivated in fast track university prep school.

Seek Support From Staff at Our Fast Track University Prep School

To stay motivated as you attend fast track university prep school, remember that you’re not alone in attaining your goals. Teachers and our guidance department are always available to provide the academic support you need, from clarifying course material to helping you create a customized study plan or helping you navigate through university applications. 

In addition, at GLCT, we pride ourselves on providing a safe space where students can feel as though they belong, and we encourage them to seek support from their peers, creating support networks and life-long friendships.

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