How We Promote Creativity at Our Private High School

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Creativity involves more than possessing artistic talent or an eccentric streak. Rather, it’s a highly valuable and transferable skill that can bolster student success on an academic and career level. According to a McKinsey study, by 2030, it’s estimated that about 30% of jobs will be replaced by automation. Repetitive roles that can easily be automated are more vulnerable to this phenomenon but luckily, there may be an antidote to this – a characteristic that, for now, is still considered uniquely human and extremely valuable across industries: creativity! 

Here at the Great Lakes College of Toronto, we encourage our students to explore their creativity as it helps them reach new heights academically and, in effect, in their future careers. Read on to learn how we do this.

Students Explore Their Creativity at Our Private High School

Usually, creative pursuits are self-led activities that some students complete in their spare time as a fun hobby. Many students miss the immense potential for great creativity within themselves and, as a result, might never explore their creative interests or talents without a helpful nudge. By providing students with the physical tools and spaces they need to experiment with various creative activities, we introduce students who may not otherwise explore media art, creative writing, or the dramatic arts to step outside of their comfort zones.

Group of students practicing on stage for a production at their private high school
Our private high school provides tools and space for students to explore their creativity.

Of course, the arts are not the only subjects that help students find the creators within. STEM subjects encourage the critical, out-of-the-box thinking that is needed for the discovery of innovative solutions. Knowing this, at our private high school, we provide a dedicated science lab, drama room, and art studio where students are encouraged to explore and experiment.

Range of Courses Promote Creativity in Our Private School in Toronto

At GLCT, our Ontario Ministry of Education certified curriculum offers a range of courses that allow students to explore their creativity and develop skills that are highly valuable in today’s job market.

A woman sitting in a room at a private high school speaking into a microphone
Students are encouraged to explore new interests and skills at our private high school.

Here are some examples of our courses:

Media arts: As digitalization expands across fields, the ability to present digital information in a creative, eye-catching manner is a major asset, no matter what industry students intend to explore upon graduation. In our media arts course, students get to experiment with various mediums to bring their ideas to life.

Drama: Creative self-expression is explored at length in our drama classes, giving students confidence and a profound understanding of communication and human behaviour.

Writer’s Craft: The ability to express themselves effectively in writing will serve students academically and throughout their careers. In writer’s craft, students are introduced to key writing competencies that enable them to communicate clearly and effectively as they have fun with imaginative ideas. 

Our Program Encourages Students to Explore Their Creative Interests

We offer a Personalized Education Program at our fast-track university prep school. It involves an individualized study plan created for each student according to their interests and future goals. Instead of expecting students to fit neatly into a set of rigid standards, at GLCT, we encourage students to expand their horizons based on their natural curiosity and aptitudes. In this learning environment, students will see their creativity flourish. If you’re looking for a well-rounded education program that endows students with all the tools they need to succeed in a competitive North American post-secondary institution, consider GLCT.

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