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In today's world, education is a most important and powerful acquisition for those who want to have a fulfilling and successful future.

A quality education provides the necessary knowledge, skills and values that allow a person to be both a high-income earner as well as being an understanding, compassionate human being. For this reason students and parents search far and wide for the schools and programs available to them.

At The Great Lakes College of Toronto (GLCT), we are in a unique position of helping students to achieve this kind of education. By enrolling at GLCT, we prepare students to enter university or college for the next step of their learning pathway. For those who need special help with their English language skills, our ESL program moves them through different stages of English language fluency, until they have reached a level that allows them to participate fully at university or college. In addition, we also assist students to successfully complete the necessary secondary school pre-university courses that qualify them to enter directly into the university or college that best meets their educational goals.

At GLCT, we are particularly proud of our ability to offer 5 different entry points throughout our 12-month school year. Students with an excellent academic background and strong motivation can complete their university preparation program in as short a time as 5 months, while most take the traditional 7 or 10 months, students with ESL needs will take longer. In order for students to complete the necessary courses and marks for admission, our guidance counselors develop individualized educational plans that are unique for each student. Once these plans are established, students are then given focused and enhanced learning activities, allowing them to utilize their personal learning styles to gain the necessary knowledge and skills for higher levels of education.

The Great Lakes College of Toronto for over 35 years has been preparing its local and international students to gain admission to their preferred university or college in Canada, the United States, the Great Britain and other countries. Each year, a large number of our graduates receive scholarships that reward them for their accomplishments and help pay for their post-secondary education.

We are justly proud of all our student's accomplishments! I hope you will consider following a similar path to The Great Lakes College of Toronto. Your future success is only a step away!

Neena Mukhi

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