Ontario high schools now reopened for international students

COVID-19 Update:

Back on October 20th, 2020, the Government of Canada announced the COVID-19 plan to reopen the border to international students who are not currently in Canada. However, at the time of the announcement, Ontario public or private secondary/high schools were not included in the approval list. As of November 17th, 2020, the Government of Canada has approved all international students who are attending high schools in Ontario and received the study permit can now travel to Canada.

The Great Lakes College of Toronto has over 40 years of experience in providing excellent and affordable education programs, such as the University Pathway Program (regular and fast-track program), Ontario Grade 9 – 12 High School Curriculum, and ESL program. To overcome the issue where students are not able to apply and receive a study permit in time, we have developed a hybrid synchronous learning model. If you are interested and would like to know more about our program, please visit our Programs and Admission page.

If you have received the study permit, please contact your admission officer to arrange your arrival.
If you just received the letter of acceptance, please check with your admission officer on how to apply for the study permit.

For more detail information, please visit Canada’s Immigration and Citizenship website at https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/coronavirus-covid19/students/approved-dli.html

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