English As a Second Language (ESL)

Our five-level English a Second Language (ESL) program is based on the curriculum developed by the Ontario Ministry of Education and is taught by a staff of highly professional teachers. This program enables students to acquire effective communication skills in all areas of language study, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It enables students to achieve the standard of English necessary to succeed in high school and university courses. Students may finish one ESL level in two months. Once the student has completed ESL Level 5, he or she will move on to the regular program.

Program Features

5 Levels from basic to advanced, improving students’ English skills step by step:

  1. ESL Level 1: ESLAO, ELDAO
  2. ESL Level 2: ESLBO, ELDBO
  3. ESL Level 3: ESLCO, ELDCO
  4. ESL Level 4: ESLDO, ELDDO
  5. ESL Level 5: ESLEO, ELDEO
  • Each level is approximately 8 weeks or 110 teaching hours.
Course CodeDescription
ELDAOEnglish Literacy Development, ELD Level 1
ELDBOEnglish Literacy Development, ELD Level 2
ELDCOEnglish Literacy Development, ELD Level 3
ELDDOEnglish Literacy Development, ELD Level 4
ELDEOEnglish Literacy Development, ELD Level 5
  1. Completed Grade 8 or equivalent or
  2. Student currently in Grade 9 – 12 or equivalent or
  3. Completed high school or
  4. Currently in university or college, but have not received any degree or diploma yet.
  1. Complete application form
  2. Submit the application form and transcript of marks to query@glctschool.com
  3. The school will issue an offer letter with a cost summary, which includes tuition fees, residence fees, application fees, e.t.c. (Please refer to Fee Schedule for more detail)
  4. Once payment has been received, the school will issue a Letter of Acceptance and Receipt.
  5. Inform the school for the arrival date to ensure the room arranged, and to schedule an airport pick-up service.

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