Grade 9 – 11 & Grade 12 (University Preparation Program)

During their time at GLCT, students select an appropriate combination of academic courses to add to their knowledge and skills base; explore courses of interest; determine the type of educational program they are best suited to pursue in university/college and to gain entrance to university or college. University/college preparation courses include content that is relevant for the study of both university and college programs.

Hybrid Synchronous Learning

In March 2020, GLCT has moved all classes to the synchronous remote learning model with Microsoft Teams and Moodle LMS. We use Microsoft Team for daily communication and deliver real-time teaching, and use Moodle LMS for attendance, content delivery, assignments, tests and exams.

For School Year 2020-2021, we introduced a hybrid synchronous learning model. Advantages of the model:

  • Minimize student interactions between different social bubbles.
  • Very similar to face-to-face instructions with real-time teachers– students’ interactions and instant feedback from the teachers and peers.
  • The education, instructions, and learning occur at the same time but not at the same place. Therefore, classes are recorded and saved for students’ future references.
  • A great benefit for students who are currently waiting for their study visas and wish to enter the university in September 2021. They will not fall behind in completing the required courses or university applications.
Course CodeDescription
ASM3MMedia Arts
ASM4MMedia Arts
AVI3MVisual Arts
AVI4MVisual Arts
BAT4MFinancial Accounting Principles
BAF3MFinancial Accounting Fundamentals
BBB4MInternational Business Fundamentals
CIA4UAnalyzing Current Economic Issues
CHI4UCanada: History, Identity, and Culture
CGW4UWorld Issues: A Geographic Analysis
ELS2OLiteracy Skills: Reading and Writing
EWC4UThe Writer’s Craft
GLS1OLearning Strategies: Skills for Success in Secondary School
GLC2OLearning Strategies: Skills for Success in Secondary School
ICS4UComputer Science
ICS3UIntroduction to Computer Science
MHF4UAdvanced Functions
MPM1DPrinciples of Mathematics
MCV4UCalculus and Vectors
MPM2DPrinciples of Mathematics
MCR3UMathematics of Data Management
MDM4UMathematics of Data Management
OLC4OOntario Secondary School Literacy Course
PPL3OHealthy Active Living Education
PPL2OHealthy Active Living Education
PLF4MRecreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership
PPL1OHealthy Active Living Education
HFA4UNutrition and Health
  1. Completed Grade 8 or equivalent or
  2. Student currently in Grade 9 – 12 or equivalent or
  3. Completed high school or
  4. Currently in university or college, but have not received any degree or diploma yet.
  1. Complete application form
  2. Submit the application form and transcript of marks to
  3. The school will issue an offer letter with a cost summary, which includes tuition fees, residence fees, application fees, e.t.c. (Please refer to Fee Schedule for more detail)
  4. Once payment has been received, the school will issue a Letter of Acceptance and Receipt.
  5. Inform the school for the arrival date to ensure the room arranged, and to schedule an airport pick-up service.

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