Fee Schedule
The Great Lakes College of Toronto 2022-2023, 2023-2024 Fee Schedule
(Effective from September 2022 Semester)
Effective from September 2023
Grade 9-11Grade 12
1 Year
Application Fee (one time)CAD $200
TuitionCAD $21,300
(Up to 10 courses, and includes digital textbook fee)
CAD $16,010
(Up to 7 courses, and includes digital textbook fee)
Residence1,2,3,6,7CAD $8,520 ($710/month)
Residence Deposit and Service FeeCAD $700 Refundable up to $350
Meal PlanCAD $5,880 ($490/month)
Health Insurance5CAD $650 (Standard Option) CAD $1,000 (Enhanced Option)
Ancillary, Activity & System Access Fee
(IT, Consultation, School Activity, Student Visa & Study Permit
CAD $750 (Includes Microsoft Office 365 License)
Custodianship (One time)4CAD $700 Under the ages of 18
Total (CAD $, 1 Year)$38,700$33,410

** Winter graduates, who will be entering university in January of the following year, must vacate the GLCT residence before the commencement of the Winter Break.

  1. On-campus dormitory and Off-campus housing, minimum 6 months stay.
  2. Furnished room, includes a refrigerator, Internet, etc.
  3. If a student has no special request, The Great Lakes College of Toronto reserves the right to place the students into the on-site residence, off-site residence, single/double/triple rooms, and homestay (unavailable due to COVID-19).
  4. Custodianship will cease when a student is no longer attending The Great Lakes College of Toronto.
  5. The main differences between Health Insurance Standard Option and Enhanced Option are:
    1. Premium covers pre-existing conditions.
    2. Premium covers Psychologist and Psychiatric Care.
  6. College reserves the right to place the students into the on-site residence, off-site residence, single/double/triple rooms, and homestay. When all residences of the school are full, we reserve the right to place the students with a homestay family.
  7. Graduates, who will be entering university in September of the year they graduate, must vacate the GLCT residence before August 25th of the same year.

Payment Options

Payments made within Canada

1. Cash, or Credit Card

2. Bank Draft/Money Order, Payable To: The Great Lakes College of Toronto

Payments made from Outside Canada

1. PayMyTuition (recommended for students in West Africa)

2. GlobayPay – Western Union

3. Tele-Transfer:

Payable To:Great Lakes Education Inc.
Bank:Bank of Montreal

Bank Address:
2859 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6P 1Y9
Canadian Dollar Account No.: 03992-001-1993-333

  • Institution Number: 001
  • Transit Number: 03992
  • Account Number: 1993333

Swift Code: BOFMCAM2


International Student Payments


Great Lakes College of Toronto has partnered with PayMyTuition for international tuition payments. With PayMyTuition, you can pay your tuition payments from any bank, in any country in any currency at better than bank exchange rates.

PayMyTuition is fast, simple and cost effective.

Additional Information on PayMyTuition:

– Benefits of Using PayMyTuition

– How to Make A Payment with PayMyTuition (video)

– How to Make A Payment – Step-by-Step (pdf)

– PayMyTuition Rate Guarantee

– Frequently Asked Questions

Western Union


Great Lakes College of Toronto partnered with Western Union Business Solutions to give international students and their families an easy, fast and affordable way to pay for tuition and other expenses.

Why using Western Union?

• It is easy, fast and affordable to pay tuition and other expenses.

• Make payments online, in-person or bank transfer.

• Pay student fees and expenses in your home currency.1

• Avoid fees and foreign exchange charges from your bank.2

• Track payment status updates via text and email.3

• Your payments are generally processed in just 2 to 5 days.

• Choose from a wide selection of payment methods that are popular in their home countries.*

Including: Unionpay,Tenpay, AliPay, SOFORT, POLIpayments, iDeal, NetBanking, Trustly, Visa and Mastercard**

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign in to our international student payment system from https://student.globalpay.wu.com/geo-buyer/

2. Select Canada in “Studying in”, and “Great Lakes College of Toronto” in “Institution”, then click “Next”

3. Enter your payment details.

– Choose country location of your bank
– Enter amount of tuition fees, and check “Include”
– If you need to pay for accommodation/meal plan, check “Include” besides it, and enter the amount
– If you need to pay any other fees, please enter the amount in “Other”, and check “Include”. Also enter description for this fee in “Add note”
– Click “Get a quote”

4. Choose which currency to use to make payment

5. Enter invoice number located at the upper right hand corner of the conditional offer letter, student’s given name, student’s surname, and parent or sponsor’s email address.

Finally, you can choose to make a payment in person, through your bank or online.
That’s it. We will post the funds to your student account as soon as they are received.

1. Services to customers may not be available in all countries, territories and currencies.
2. In limited circumstances, transaction fees may apply.
3. If selected by payors. Message and data rates may apply.
4. In certain circumstances, charge may apply.
* Due to banking regulations, not all currencies are available. If your home currency isn’t offered, you can pay in another currency.
** Visa and Mastercard are available in specific jurisdiction.
*** Payments to and from certain destinations may take longer or be subject to certain restrictions that may result in a settlement delay.

Refund Policy
  1. If a student is unable to obtain a valid Student Visa from the Canadian Immigration Authority, to enter Canada to study at The Great Lakes College of Toronto, the college will refund the fees payments made EXCEPT the application fee of CDN $200.
  2. If a student withdraws IN processing for Student Visa, or AFTER obtaining a Student Visa, the college will refund none of the fees payments made.
  3. There is NO REFUND of ANY fees ON or AFTER the commencement of the semester.
  4. To request a refund, any student must return ALL ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS issued from The Great Lakes College of Toronto and THE ORIGINAL REJECTION LETTER from the appropriate government authorities, along with A REQUEST IN WRITING for the refund prior to the commencement of the semester stated on the Letter of Acceptance.
The College's Tuition Fee Policy
  1. When a student is asked by The Great Lakes College of Toronto to withdraw from the college as a result of disciplinary action, no payment refund will be granted.
  2. Students who require additional courses beyond the initial payment (seven or ten-course package), or who wish to take additional courses, or upgrade a course are required to pay an additional fee in advance as indicated above. The tuition fee for one additional course/upgrade is CDN$2300.
  3. If a student drops a course, with the principal’s approval and before 6 school days from the date student started the course, the tuition fee for the course will be credited to the next semester. The tuition fee will not be credited to a future semester if the course is dropped after 5 school days from the date student started the course, and the full tuition fee for the course will be charged. A Course Drop Form must be completed by the student and approved by the principal.
  4. The tuition fee for Canadian and foreign students, with landed Canadian immigrant status, are 85% of the tuition fee for Overseas/Visa students. The remaining fees are the same for all students.

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