Portrait of a smiling woman in front of a blackboard
Re-Opening School

I am delighted to share a much-awaited announcement from the Minister of Education, that all Ontario schools will re-open from September 8, 2020.This must be a piece of relieving news for you since students were forced to stay home due to the mandatory school closure because of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Portrait of a smiling woman in front of a blackboard
Update: COVID-19 2020-03-12

As you may be aware, the Ontario Government announced today that all Ontario’s public schools have been ordered to close from March 14 to April 5 amid ongoing concerns about Coronavirus.

Chin, Swee On
CHIN, SWEE ON (Malaysia)

Dear Sir / Madam: Sorry for the late reply as was quiet occupied during the New Year. Glad to hear from GLCT. Wonder how’s everyone doing? Yes, Love to get in touch with some old friends. Especially, Ronnie from Taiwan and Toshi from Japan can’t remember their full name, hope you could help. Are the […]

Anthon Leimang (Indonesia)

Testimonial: It has been a long time ago since I entered Great Lakes College of Toronto in 1985. I stayed for 1 year and move to the USA in California. I graduated from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. While I was in Toronto, it was so much fun, I missed all the […]

Cheah, Chin Nam (Malaysia)

Testimonial: The most memorable experience in my life. This is because Toronto was my farthest destination I ever traveled. During my schooling years in GLCT, I met friends from various countries. I enjoyed the teaching style of Canadian teachers and GLCT provided a more open learning environment to me. I miss it very much. I would […]