Late and Missed Assignment Policy

At the time a new assignment is given to a class, the teacher will establish a completed assignment due date in consultation with the students. This will help to ensure that the due date is achievable and provide students with sufficient time to complete and submit their assignments.

Students who are absent on the due date, must meet with the teacher the first day they return, submit their assignment, and explain the reason for their absence on the due date. The teacher will accept this late assignment with or without penalty, depending on the reason for the absence.

For assignments that are not submitted on the due date or the first day after their return from an absence, the teacher may select to modify the due day, based on extenuating circumstances identified by the student. A new or extended due date will be determined. This date may be with, or without a mark deduction, depending on the extenuating circumstances.

Submissions after 10 school days will not be accepted and the student will receive a mark of zero for the assignment. For late assignments, and no extension has been given, or the extended due date is missed, will discuss the matter with the principal.

For assignments that are missed and before the completion of the course, teachers may at their discretion, and based on what they believe is in the best interests of the individual student, give the student a replacement assignment or the same original assignment re-assigned and with specific completion deadlines.

Updated Date: 2022-09-06