The Great Lakes encourages and promotes regular attendance. Here, at the Great Lakes, we believe attendance is vital to students’ learning. Educational research has consistently shown a strong link between Attendance and Academic achievements. Every student is expected to attend all the classes every school day. There will be serious consequences for not following the school’s Attendance policy.

If a student is unable to attend the school due to the sickness or other unavoidable cause(s), the student is expected to call the main office at 416-763-4121 or email to inform the receptionist and indicate the reason of absenteeism.

Many absences will jeopardize students’ credit for meeting the course expectations, and the student may be at risk of losing the credit. All students must review this policy carefully to avoid severe consequences and expulsion.

# of absencesPerson to inform
1 absenceTeachers: Speak with the student to find out the reason. Review the policy with students. (Record the date and time).
2 absencesTeachers: Inform the Guidance Counselor (Record the date and time)
3 absencesTeachers: Inform the Admission Officer and Attendance Secretory.  The admission officer will then contact the parents/agents. 1st notification to parents.
4-5 absencesTeachers: Inform the Guidance Counselor and Attendance Secretory. A meeting with the Principal will be scheduled. 2nd notification to parents.
7-8 absencesAdmission Officers will again be notified. 3rd and final notification to parents.
10 absencesThe student will be removed from the course. The student will have to pay the full fee to reinstate in that course. Immigration Office will also be notified of our decision.

Updated Date: 2022-09-06