Student Support

Q1. I have received a school account email, what should I do next?

Once you have received an email from the school’s IT administrator about the school’s Office 365 account, you should:

  1. Head to to complete your account activation.
    If you are not familiar with Microsoft’s Office 365 service, please take some time to watch the “How to activate Office 365 account” video tutorial.
  2. Complete the New Student Registration Form.
  3. Head to and choose “Office 365 Account” as the login method.
    Once you have logged into Moodle, you should automatically enrolled in the “Entrance Test” class.
    If you don’t see Entrance Test class, please contact the IT Administrator: Mr. Yu-cheng Chang
    (If you are not familiar with Moodle LMS, please take some time to watch the “How to access Moodle LMS” video tutorial.)
    1. Change your TimeZone setting.
    2. Go to the “Entrance Test” class.
    3. Complete both the English and Math Entrance Test, and notify your admission officer that you have completed both tests.
    4. Note, not every class will be using Moodle. Please check with your teacher.
  4. Familiar yourself with Microsoft Team. You can watch tutorial videos from Microsoft, or the school’s simple tutorial – “How to use Microsoft Team“.

Please note, you will not be enrolled in any class until you have done the placement tests and have talked to Ms. Yazmin.

If you have trouble running Safe Exam Browser with Microsoft Windows 10, please read the troubleshooting guide first.

At any given point, if you are having any technical difficulty, please contact Mr. Yu-cheng Chang.

Q2. When will I receive the timetable?

Usually, you should receive the timetable no later than 24 hours before the class start. If you have not received the timetable, please contact the guidance Ms. Julie Zuo either on Microsoft Team or via email.

You can also check. your timetable via PowerSchool’s Student Portal.

Please click “Student Sign In” bottom located at the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
Then enter your school’s office 365 credential.
If you can’t sign in, please contact Ms. Jennifer Wang 
Go to “Grades and Attendance” or “My Schedule” to view your current term’s timetable.

How to check timetable on PowerSchool

Q3. I forgot my school account’s password, what can I do?

You can reset your password by visiting this link: Microsoft Online Password Reset