Troubleshoot Safe Exam Browser – Windows

Q1. I have installed Safe Exam Browser and downloaded the configuration file from school’s Moodle site, but nothing happens, or Safe Exam Browser isn’t running after I try to run the configuration file. What should I do?

If your default application for the configuration is not set to Safe Exam Browser, please follow the steps below to correct it. You may also try to reinstall/repair the Safe Exam Browser to correct the file association.

  1. Right click on the configuration file, and select “Property”.

2. If you are not able to find “Safe Exam Browser” under “Other options”, click “More apps”.

3. Click “Look for another app on this PC”

4. By default, you will see folders listed under “C:\Program Files\”. Double click on “Safe Exam Browser”, “Application”, select “Safe Exam Browser”, then click “Open”.

5. Make sure the application for “Opens with:” is now changed to “Safe Exam Browser”, then click “OK”

Q2. Safe Exam Browser is not able to run properly or crashes after running the configuration file.

  1. Before you try any methods listed below, try install the full bundle version of Safe Exam Browser from Safe Exam Browser – Download Latest Releases.
    Currently, the version that is supported by school’s Moodle site is version 3.1.1, the direct download link:

2. If you have certain application installed on your computer, it will prevent Safe Exam Browser running properly.
In this case, you will need to uninstall the application from your computer.
List of applications that is not compatible with Safe Exam Browser:

  1. Some security software will prevent Safe Exam Browser to work properly. If you are not able to run Safe Exam Browser, or see “Certificate” error after running it, please try to disable the security software.
  2. Chinese streaming software: iQIYI