Chin, Swee On
CHIN, SWEE ON (Malaysia)

Dear Sir / Madam: Sorry for the late reply as was quiet occupied during the New Year. Glad to hear from GLCT. Wonder how’s everyone doing? Yes, Love to get in touch with some old friends. Especially, Ronnie from Taiwan and Toshi from Japan can’t remember their full name, hope you could help. Are the […]

Anthon Leimang (Indonesia)

Testimonial: It has been a long time ago since I entered Great Lakes College of Toronto in 1985. I stayed for 1 year and move to the USA in California. I graduated from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. While I was in Toronto, it was so much fun, I missed all the […]

Cheah, Chin Nam (Malaysia)

Testimonial: The most memorable experience in my life. This is because Toronto was my farthest destination I ever traveled. During my schooling years in GLCT, I met friends from various countries. I enjoyed the teaching style of Canadian teachers and GLCT provided a more open learning environment to me. I miss it very much. I would […]

Ngoh Lay Hong (Singapore)

Testimonial: I graduated from GLCT in 1984. It’s also the place where I met my husband Quek Kin Chuang. Currently I am a homemaker while he is working as an education advisor. We have 2 children. Life in GLCT was wonderful. Not only did I learn to be independent for the first time, and the […]

Siow Kok Kong (Kevin, Malaysia)

Testimonial: It’s surprised me and very glad to receive the Alumni Response Form as I have had graduated from GLCT for more than two decades. I had lost contact with most of my classmates and roommate at the “crossway” apartment. I received solid pre-university courses from GLCT and the learning environment was great. Keep in […]

Simon Low Sin Sum (Malaysia)

Testimonial: I am thankful to GLCT for given me the opportunity to further my study in Canada.It was my first time traveling overseas. Then I managed to receive my Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1985. I set up my ICT Company after working 10 years in Malaysia. Now I work […]

Carla Pujadas (Trinidad & Tobago)

Testimonial: I attended GLCT  for about just under one year for grade 13 as a prerequisite to University. The teachers were excellent and supportive. The curriculum was well organized and the school was very family oriented and had a great personal touch. Job: Group Accountant for wholesale/ Distribution Company

John Yan C. Lam (Singapore)

Job: Teacher Testimonial: Being in GLCT was really enjoyable. I have a lot of memories of the school, the teachers, and my fellow, classmates. The City of Toronto is one of the best places to live and study. Of course, needless to say, the college provided an excellent education. The teachers are very pleasant and […]

Anisa Fazia Boland (Toronto)

Testimonial: Great Lakes College opened up a whole new world of opportunities that I never knew existed. It provided a stepping stone to my future education and experiences. I went in to pursue my degree in Business Management. I currently am the CFO of a reputable property management company here in Toronto where I live […]