CHIN, SWEE ON (Malaysia)

Dear Sir / Madam:

Sorry for the late reply as was quiet occupied during the New Year. Glad to hear from GLCT. Wonder how’s everyone doing? Yes, Love to get in touch with some old friends. Especially, Ronnie from Taiwan and Toshi from Japan can’t remember their full name, hope you could help. Are the Math teacher Mr. Kettle and the Philippine Chemistry teacher still around?

Experience at GLCT was a memorable one as you get to meet friends from all over the world with different backgrounds. The teachers were knowledgeable and friendly. It was a totally different experience studying here at GLCT as the approach was more of a Canadian context which encouraged creativity, self-initiative, discipline, and fun. There were field trips organized at the end of the course or project to intensify the learning process or knowledge learned in the classroom such as the Ganaraska trip for the Shakespear play or the trip to the sugar museum in Toronto for the chemistry class. It was a very memorable experience. Life around GLCT was great as there was High Park nearby where you can enjoy the Canadian Maple during Falls. It will be a totally new and exciting experience for those intending to study and live here in Toronto, GLCT.



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