3 Reasons to Choose a Homestay Residence Accommodation While Attending Our Private School

At the Great Lakes College of Toronto, we prioritize the comfort and safety of our students. In addition, we are committed to facilitating their seamless transition into life in a completely new environment. All three of our accommodation options are safe, supportive, and designed to accommodate each student’s needs. However, if you’re looking for a truly immersive experience, our homestay program could be for you. There are plenty of reasons why our homestay program is so well-loved. When students choose this option, we do our best to match them with a family that suits their unique needs and preferences. Keep reading to learn how our homestay program helps students succeed!

1. Our Homestay Accommodation Provides a Warm, Supportive Environment for Students 

Homestay students get to enjoy a home away from home in an environment that will likely feel comfortable and supportive. We understand that their journey to GLCT could be the very first time that many of our students are staying away from their families for an extended period. That being said, it is also helpful for them to start their journey in the sort of environment they’re used to–a warm and welcoming family setting. Eating dinner at a table, sharing the progress they’re making at school with people who care, and other familial activities like this can provide the dose of security that private school students need to thrive in class. 

Our homestay program provides private school students with a supportive environment.

2. Homestay Gives Students a Great Opportunity to Adjust to Their New City 

Adjusting to a new environment is exciting, though it can also be quite overwhelming at first. Homestay families at our private high school will guide students through the process of exploring the city and meeting new people to create a wider support system. According to research, international students do significantly better academically when their social integration is successful. Help from a family of locals helps our students get used to Canadian culture, establish meaningful connections, and develop their English language skills.

Private school students can enjoy improved social integration with our homestay program.

3. Private School Students Get the Opportunity to Develop Their English Language Skills

One of the main learning objectives we set for students at our private high school is English language proficiency, so as to adequately prepare them for success in North American post-secondary institutions. Our ESL program will provide students with all of the tools they need to establish a strong command of the English language; however, additional practice with native English speakers or those who speak English regularly will accelerate students’ progress. Communicating with their homestay families each day, students will have the opportunity to expand their vocabularies and master conversational English. Not only does our homestay program offer students comfort and support, but it also promotes their academic success. 

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