3 Reasons to Choose the Fast-Track University Prep Program at Our Private School in Toronto

fast track university prep school

Attending a North American university or college is a dream that many students and their parents share. To turn this dream into a reality, the Great Lakes College of Toronto (GLCT) offers international students an inclusive learning environment where they can participate in our Fast-Track University Prep Program. 

Not only do we provide quality instruction with personalized attention to ensure that our students are confident with university-level material, but we also assist with the support needed to transfer credits from international high schools, secure visas and apply to prospective universities throughout Canada and the United States when the time comes. Keep reading to learn three of the reasons why GLCT is the best choice for you.

Find Home in the Most Multicultural City in the World

Toronto is recognized by the United Nations and BBC as the most diverse city in the world. 

With over half of the population of Toronto born outside of Canada, and more than 200 different languages spoken, multiculturalism is celebrated in this colourful city. Located within a prestigious residential area near downtown, our private school in Toronto has welcomed students from more than 60 different countries. 

We understand that the transition to a new country and school can be difficult, which is why providing a safe and caring learning environment is important to us. When students arrive, they receive an orientation and tour of the school and neighbourhood. In addition, we offer many supervised extracurricular activities, such as school clubs, recreational sports, university visits and field trips. With these experiences, our students become members of the community and build lasting friendships while truly experiencing Canadian life. 

private school in Toronto
Our private school in Toronto is only minutes away from public transit and attractions

Our Private School in Toronto Takes a Personalized Approach 

At GLCT, we understand that every student is on a unique learning path. For this reason, we created the “Personalized Education Program,” which every student at our school benefits from no matter which program they are enrolled in. This means that students have access to private sessions with guidance counsellors weekly throughout their education. In these sessions, we aim to meet the individualized needs of each of our students, formulating study plans that adhere to their goals and needs. We ensure our students have all the resources they need to stay focused and succeed academically. In addition, our experienced guidance counsellors assist with the entire university application process, from identifying prospective schools and programs, to assisting in gathering the necessary documents and filling out the appropriate paperwork.

university prep school Toronto
Guidance counsellors assist with the entire university application process

Our Quality Instruction Delivers Reputation and Results 

For over 40 years, GLCT has specialized in preparing students for entrance to North American universities and colleges. The academic success of each and every one of our students is our ultimate goal. Our comprehensive preparation program is in adherence with all Ontario curriculum expectations. With a belief in personalized education, our experienced teachers are committed to ensuring students comprehend and apply the material they are taught, helping them reach their academic potential with relevant, high-quality programs. 

The proof of our commitment is in our results. 96% of students graduating from our fast-track university prep school get accepted to post-secondary schools! Until now, over 10,000 of our graduates have been accepted to universities and colleges in Canada, the United States, and around the world. 81% of our students are also offered scholarships for excellence. These numbers prove our commitment to excellence and the success of our students. 

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