Residence Options For Those in Private High School in Canada

In addition to providing quality education and preparing students for success in North American post-secondary institutions, The Great Lakes College of Toronto prides itself on its prime locale. Our campus is near Downtown Toronto within a safe, prestigious residential area. Students will be within walking distance from everyday essentials like supermarkets, subway and bus lines, banks, and shopping areas. A safe, comfortable, and convenient residence experience for students is a priority for us, so we strive to provide living situations that meet each of their needs. Here are three residence options to consider for students enrolling in classes at The Great Lakes College of Toronto. 

1. Consider an On-Campus Dormitory While You Attend Private School in Toronto 

Our on-campus dormitories are comfortable and convenient, providing all of the amenities that students will need to feel safe and connected to their local community. Each unit has a desk, chair, bed, bedding, closet, and fridge – everything students need to feel at home. While living on campus, students will have easy access to all of the resources our facility has to offer, including the science lab, drama room, art studio, laundry rooms, and access to a free internet connection. This facilitates their learning as they can easily get into contact with teachers and use campus facilities to complete assignments outside of class. Living on campus offers plenty of other benefits, including more opportunities to get involved in their school’s community and easy access to needed support.

On-campus residence offers many social benefits for students attending private high school.

2. Perhaps an Off-Campus House Suits Your Needs Best 

Off-campus housing offers plenty of benefits while attending a private school in Toronto. Students will still have access to the amenities available on campus, such as our cafeteria, where they can receive a variety of quality meals each weekday. Just like living on campus, off-campus accommodations include essential furniture, a closet, a fridge, and access to free WiFi. Off-campus housing options are located just five to ten minutes away from classes. Unique benefits of living off-campus include an increased sense of independence which will help to prepare students to achieve their goals in post-secondary. Being off-campus will be just as safe for students as our on-campus housing option since live-in teachers can provide extra security and support whenever needed, both on or off-campus. 

3. Learn Why Homestay is Our Most Popular Residence Option 

Students attending private high school with us have the option of staying with a local family who best suits their needs. This option provides all of the support a student would need to integrate seamlessly into their local community. Our students love living in a family environment, making homestays the most popular residence option. 

Students love a welcoming home environment when attending private high school.

No matter what housing solution you choose, you can rest assured that all students attending high school at The Great Lakes College of Ontario receive an excellent education, leave prepared for university, and live in a comfortable, safe, and nurturing environment. 

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