3 Signs Our University Prep School in Toronto is a Good Fit

We make it easy for you to make a decision on your education program at The Great Lakes College of Toronto. With a number of programs carefully created to meet the most pressing needs of our student body, each student is set up for success in reaching their goals. Across campus, all of our faculty and staff are committed to making sure students are prepared to apply to and attend North American universities.

As experts in the field of university preparation, we are able to help students from all over the world obtain the credits and experience needed to thrive in the next stage of their academic journey. Our high-quality academic programs meet students where they are while gearing them up to succeed in university. Continue reading to learn about some of these unique programs and why they may be the best fit for you!

1. You Can Fast-Track Your University Preparation

At GLCT, we offer students the unique opportunity to join our fast-track university prep school program during five different intakes. This means that no matter what time of year you need to begin your university prep, you can find a solution with GLCT. Our fast-track program lets students prepare for university in a condensed period of time. This option is best suited for students who have a strong academic background and learn best in an in-person environment.

If you begin during the April or June semester intake, then you’ll be ready to enter university by January of the following year. And if you enter our fast-track program during the September/November/January semesters, then you can enter university by the following September. For students applying to popular programs such as sciences, nursing, and engineering, then it’s ideal timing to enroll in the September or November intake for college admissions.

This way, each student can meet their requirements before their upcoming deadlines and move on to their university endeavours. Whether you want to enter university for the September or January intake in Canada, our program can help you get ready in time to enroll, apply, and gain admission. 

Our fast-track university prep school makes higher education accessible and timely.

2. You’ll Make Swift Progress with Our ESL Program

Our ESL program is another option we have available if you’re looking to advance your English language skills in order to be able to not only attend but also thrive in university. After taking the ESL program courses, you will still have the option to jump right into the Fast-Track University Prep program with ease. This way, your English skills, as well as your other disciplines, will line up with the requirements for university admission.

The ESL program is offered in five levels, from beginner to advanced. You can expect to acquire strong and effective communication skills in many forms of the English language. These include reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Each level may be finished in a two-month time period, and once all levels are complete, you may move on to the regular university preparation program.

ESL program graduates move directly into university prep courses.

3. You’ll Experience a Personalized Education at Our Private School in Toronto

With each of the program offerings found at our private school in Toronto, you will be able to experience a personalized approach to your education. We offer a high level of individualized support for students in order to ensure their academic success. For example, in an ESL program, you’ll receive the necessary personalized attention and feedback to help you target your areas of improvement. While in our university preparation program, you will be able to work with our faculty and staff to develop a study plan that suits your goals.

The faculty at GLCT is what helps bring personalized education to the forefront of our students’ studies. In every class during every semester, our experienced and highly trained teachers take the time to ensure each student comprehends the material introduced. Personal support is extended outside of the classroom through regular one-on-one meetings with guidance counsellors who ensure students’ plans are on track with university acceptance. At every stage of their journey towards higher education, students are supported, encouraged, and challenged to reach their full potential.

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