3 Ways Our Private School in Toronto Provides Personalized Support to Students

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At The Great Lakes College of Toronto, we care deeply about each student and we strive to offer them as much support as possible when achieving their personal goals. We know that high school can sometimes be a challenging time for students, and our goal is to ensure this time is exciting instead of overwhelming. That’s why we offer personalized services to facilitate the transition from high school to university. Some of these services include personalized education programs, fast-track university preparation programs, and trained guidance counsellors on campus that will support each student throughout their high school journey.

If you’re looking for a private high school that provides your child with a solid foundation to achieve academic success in North America and personalized support that helps them thrive, read on to learn more about GLCT.

1.  Personalized Programs Available to Fit the Unique Needs of Students

At our university prep school in Toronto,  we offer a variety of programs to fit the needs of our students. For instance, if a student wants to improve their English skills to become more fluent in the language, they can complete our English As A Second Language Program – a program dedicated to helping them gain the English writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills they need to continue on their academic journey. Our school also offers university preparation programs to give students the confidence they need to begin university on the right foot. Students will have the opportunity to meet with a staff member regularly to reflect on their progress and discuss areas where they can improve and ways we can help.

private school in Toronto
In recent years, over 90% of our students have been admitted in universities

2. Fast-Track University Preparation Programs Ensure Academic Success

Our private school in Toronto is one of the few that offers five student in-take times per school year for its Fast-Track University Preparation Program. We offer many semesters because there are two main admission windows for universities in Canada; September and January. 

With five intakes available per year, students in good academic standing can complete our program in just five months and head to university afterwards. Over 10,000 GLCT students have been accepted into universities from around the world, and many of our students receive awards and university scholarships as a result of their success. 

If you’re seeking a good school-life balance for your child, they can begin the program in September or November. Starting at that time will give them 2 to 4 courses a semester, providing free time to participate in extracurricular activities and spend time with their peers.

university prep school in Toronto
As a University Prep school we want students to have the opportunity to have an excellent school-life balance

3. Students Receive The Support They Need at Our University Prep School

From the time they enroll at GLCT, students have access to all the support they need – whether it is with personal growth, intellectual development, and individual study plans. We also offer assistance with visas, accommodations, and medical insurance applications so that no steps are missed, and our students are well taken care of. 

Additionally, our guidance counsellors help students by providing them with descriptions of various programs and courses available at Canadian and American universities. We also have discussions with students and their parents to connect them with the right schools and programs based on their financial needs, passions, and interests. 

At Great Lakes College of Toronto, we strive to ensure our students make the right choices for their educational goals and future careers. 

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