3 Ways Private School Students Can Benefit From Hybrid Learning

In recent years, flexible learning formats have grown in popularity. In 2021, The Great Lakes College of Toronto introduced a hybrid synchronous learning model to ensure that students continued to receive a quality education throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This model combines in-class instruction with online, synchronous learning, providing students with the best of both worlds. Read on to learn how students benefit from this effective instruction method. 

1. A Learning Model Allowing Facilitating Student and Instructor Communication

Though students have reported many benefits to remote learning, including increased parental support and more autonomy, some challenges have come up. One common setback that many students have experienced is a lack of engagement and motivation. The hybrid synchronous learning model offsets some of these obstacles by providing students with the opportunity to make meaningful connections with their classmates and instructors in real-time. Not only does this allow students to enjoy a more satisfying learning experience, but with consistent guidance and instruction from teachers, students are held accountable and maintain a high level of engagement in the course material. 

Our hybrid synchronous learning model enables private school students to communicate with teachers and peers in real-time.

2. Hybrid Learning Provides Structure to Our Private School Students

Hybrid learning provides our private school students with some of the structure that they would receive from in-person learning, alongside the vast benefits of online learning. Students attend class with their peers and instructors at the same time every day, there are assignments to complete outside of class, and active participation is expected, much like a traditional in-class instruction model. All classes are recorded for future reference or in the case of an absence. This learning model allows students to seek support from their classmates since they all learn the same material simultaneously. Students are encouraged to keep up with coursework thanks to a consistent schedule and regular teacher interaction. 

Hybrid synchronous learning allows students to benefit from structured schedules and class outlines.

3. Hybrid Learning Increases Accessibility 

At GLCT, we strive to make our quality instruction as accessible as possible for students. For this reason, we offer flexible admission periods throughout the year. In addition, our hybrid synchronous learning model provides students still waiting for visas with the opportunity to begin their schooling with us. This way, there’s no need to be concerned about missing critical lessons or university application deadlines. We always ensure that none of our students fall behind. This may be one of the reasons why students at our fast track university prep school are successfully accepted into universities over ninety percent of the time. Whether students learn in-person or virtually, our high standards and dedication to excellence don’t change. Students graduate from the Great Lakes College of Toronto ready to succeed in post-secondary and in their future careers.  

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