Interested in Our Fast Track University Prep School? Here’s a Brief Guide to University Admissions in Canada

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Do you want to attend university in Canada? If so, you’re in for an excellent education in a world with plenty of opportunities. Of course, navigating international studies can present a challenge, but luckily, we have created a comprehensive guide to university admissions in Canada. Read it to discover the great benefits of studying at a Canadian university, the admissions requirements for international students, and how enrolling in our fast-track university prep school will help you prepare and reach your academic and career goals. 

Why Choose to Study in Canada?

In recent years, Canada has become a popular choice for international students. In fact, in 2023, Canada is set to welcome an astonishing 900,000 international students! Why is that? Firstly, Canada is known for its excellent education system, which makes Canadian degrees highly sought after globally, providing you access to a wide range of prestigious career opportunities. 

In addition to academic excellence, studying in this area can offer you a safe residence in a welcoming community with a wide range of research and co-ops in your field and access to various academic programs that provide plenty of vocational value. How can you ensure you have what it takes to be successfully admitted into a Canadian university?

A fast-track university prep school student happily walking to class holding notebooks.
Fast track university prep school grads unlock studying opportunities in Canada.

Eligibility Requirements for International Students to Consider

If you’re considering a fast track university prep school, you’ll need to ensure that you meet the following criteria: 

  • A Canadian, IB, or AP secondary school diploma: To be admitted into a Canadian university, you’ll need a Canadian secondary school diploma. However, most universities will recognize an internationally recognized diploma, such as the international baccalaureate or the advanced placement program. 
  • A translated transcript: Your transcript is a certified record of your academic history outlining which courses you’ve attempted or completed, the grades you’ve earned, and any academic awards you’ve won. Ensure your transcript (or equivalent document) is translated into English. Generally, an average of at least 70% is required to enter Canadian universities, though competitive institutions require higher grades. 
  • Proof of English proficiency: Canadian universities must ensure applicants have the literacy skills to meet their academic demands. Most universities require a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 for admission.
  • A study permit: International students looking to study in Canada must obtain a study permit and ensure that they have a valid travel document, a letter of introduction from the visa office, and all of the required documents outlined by the government of Canada here.
A fast-track university prep school student working on their university application on a laptop.
Our fast track university prep school grads can unlock opportunities studying in Canada.

How Our Fast Track University Prep School Prepares You to Study in Canada 

If you’re convinced that studying in Canada is right for you, earning a secondary school diploma at our private school in Toronto is an excellent place to start. Our fast-track university prep program provides students with the academic foundation, English language proficiency, and soft skills needed to succeed in various competitive universities. 

In addition, the Great Lakes College of Toronto assists students with renewing their study permits, applying for public transit discount cards and health insurance claims, and preparing university applications. Parents also receive assistance obtaining visitor visas. We provide all the resources our students need to reach their full potential and succeed in Canada. 

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