February 2023 Ski Trip – 2023-02-17

I really enjoyed this ski trip because it was what most students needed to escape from the workload of school and have fun. The scenery of the ski resort was just so mesmerising that i just wanted to explore every bit of it. Skiing and snowboarding are very hard sports to understand because I remember […]

2021-2022 Student Council Election

Dear students, Student Council selection is now open to all students at GLCT. Positions include: President Vice-president Secretary Visual director Event Planner Promoter Assistants and many more positions. If you wish to join the student council just apply for the position you want. For those that are wondering if they should apply, remember that joining […]

Niagara Falls Trip – October 1st.

Dear students, To celebrate the completion of the first midterm assessment of the school year, students who are staying in the school’s dormitory will be going to Niagara Falls with your teachers on October 1st. Updated ** September 21 The buses will start from the school at 8:30 AM, so please be on-time.The cruise’s boarding […]