How Student Services at Our Private High School Fosters Academic Success

At the Great Lakes College of Toronto, we understand that high school is a critical time that requires plenty of discipline and support in order for students to be adequately prepared for success. This is especially true for our students who are seeking a fast-track university preparatory education in a new country. If you’re interested in an international high school experience and you’re wondering what support we have in place to ensure that students remain focused on their academic achievement, continue reading. 

Helping Students Adjust to New Surroundings

As they travel to Ontario, students have many administrative tasks to complete in order to ensure a smooth transition into their new environment. Knowing this, we provide plenty of support through student services to welcome them. Those who need assistance can get help obtaining visitor visa documents, getting study permits and multiple-entry visas renewed, setting up Canadian bank accounts, and applying for public transit discount cards. In addition, arrangements are made to welcome our new students at the airport. With all of this assistance, our students can quickly acclimate to their new environments and focus more of their attention on their studies.

Students at our private school receive support transitioning into Canadian life.

Once students achieve the academic results they need to get accepted into prestigious North American universities, they also receive help submitting applications that stand out to recruiters. Students at our private high school are encouraged to concentrate on their studies thanks to the services we offer.

Guidance Counselling Helps Our Private School Students to Set Academic Goals

Our guidance department is multi-functional. Guidance counselling through student services aims to support the personal development of our students as well as their intellectual development. Students can seek support from our caring guidance staff about any issues they face. In addition to our encouragement to help students navigate their personal lives, the guidance department plays a crucial role in academic goal setting.

Guidance staff at our private high school are always available to help students.

Students at our private school get access to course descriptions, admission requirements, and calendars from North American universities through our guidance counsellors. This helps them focus on their academic and long-term professional goals and clarifies what is required from a successful university applicant.

School Activities Support Experiential Learning and a Balanced Lifestyle

We know that a student’s mindset contributes greatly to their academic success. For this reason, we encourage them to participate in supervised school activities like field trips, school clubs, recreational sports, visits to North American universities, and organized travel. These activities foster connections between students, which can be a source of emotional well-being and additional support. This social enrichment can help students to achieve better academic results due to a healthy and balanced mindset primed for effective learning. In addition, the activities planned by our student services may serve as educational opportunities in and of themselves, equipping students with highly transferable soft skills that will support their success in several aspects of their lives.

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