How Students at Our Private High School Are Encouraged to Explore Their Interests

No two students are alike–different people have different interests and may want to pursue career paths depending on their passions. It is important to embrace that and encourage it in each student to help them reach their full potential. At The Great Lakes College of Toronto, we encourage students to discover and pursue their interests in the classroom and in a variety of ways. With our focus on preparation for tertiary education, the discovery and pursuit of interests play a vital role in ensuring that your child has a fulfilling future doing something they enjoy.

If you want to know how we encourage our students to explore and pursue their classroom interests to benefit their futures, continue reading.

A Variety of Unique Subjects On Offer At Our Private High School 

Preparing your child for their future is our priority. That is why we have tailored our curriculum to include a variety of subject choices your child can take up. In the classroom, this encourages them to explore their interests. With this increased exploration, they can make informed decisions about their future after deciding which subjects they enjoy.

Working alongside the staff at our private high school, you and your children will have excellent guidance to prepare for the future. At our private high school, your child will find a subject they enjoy, and we will help them explore their interests.

Personalized Education At Our Private High School

To help students explore their interests and choose the right career path for them, we offer personalized education. That means your child will have one-on-one sessions with a guidance counsellor once a week to help ensure they are equipped to succeed. Guidance counselors will help your child explore their interests through open discussions, subject identification, and recommendations based on their years of experience and professional training.

At our private high school, your child will have access to one-on-one guidance counsellor sessions.

Instructors Pay Close Attention to The Interests of Their Students

The role of our instructors is not only to teach your child but also to guide them. As they spend a large amount of time with your child, our highly experienced instructors begin to see where their strengths lie. From this, they can make recommendations for a child to explore a different interest if they believe it would be better suited to their strengths.

The instructors at our university prep school focus on your child and help them explore their interests.

An Environment That Enables a Variety of Learning Experiences

The learning environment offered at our university prep school will help your child explore their classroom interests. Our class sizes are small and individualized attention is possible for each child to help them understand their work but also be adventurous and consider their interests. There are other learning experiences available to students to help them better understand their goals and nurture their interests. 

In fact, at GLCT, students participate in school outings where they can explore their interests while learning. We try to promote a culture where a student’s interests are considered and applauded but also encourage new interests to be explored.

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