How Our ESL Program Benefits Private High School Students

Your English skills shouldn’t hold you back from exploring learning opportunities in North America. No matter what level of English proficiency you have, at the Great Lakes College of Toronto, enrolling in our English as a Second Language (ESL) program equips you with the English communication skills necessary to excel in your studies. 

Students can begin the program at one of five levels– Basic to Advanced–building their skills in a step-by-step method. Completion of the ESL program allows students to transition to GLCT’s University Preparation Programs, where they build the academic foundation to succeed in an English-speaking university or college. 

There is no shortage of advantages to completing an ESL program and preparing for post-secondary studies at the same high school. Below, learn more about the benefits of the ESL program at GLCT.

Personalized Learning Support at Our Private High School

If you’re interested in attending a private high school in Canada, you may be worried about whether your current English language skills will prevent you from succeeding academically. However, through the ESL program at GLCT, you’ll receive hands-on support and personalized attention from your instructors. Their expertise will equip you with valuable feedback, so you can focus on areas of improvement and efficiently progress throughout the program. 

All professional instructors are experienced in working with students of various learning styles. They offer guidance to help you develop your English skills and achieve your goals of attending university or college in North America. With the right level of support in our ESL program, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to work in an English-speaking academic environment at both the high school and university levels.

With personalized support at our private high school, you’ll build your English skills quickly.

Move Seamlessly into Our University Preparation Programs

At GLCT, our ESL program is designed to prepare students to transition to our regular programs after completing Level 5. We want our students to enter with the language skills necessary to participate at the same level as their classmates. 

After the ESL program, students can easily progress into the Fast-Track University Preparation Program to continue their studies, where they can apply their English skills within an academic environment. Within the Fast-Track University Preparation program at our private high school, you’ll take courses in relevant subject areas so you can find your interests and make an informed decision about your post-secondary studies. With the opportunity to create a study plan that’s right for you, you can tailor the Fast-Track University Preparation program to suit your needs and focus on your academic skills after the ESL program.

After the ESL program, you’ll be ready to transition into our Fast-Track University Preparation program.

Prepare to Attend University or College in North America

With the English skills you develop in our ESL program, not only will you be ready to move into a university preparation program, but you’ll also be equipped to perform well at a post-secondary institution. 

During the ESL program, students achieve the level of proficiency necessary to participate in university-level courses alongside native speakers. With your skills, you’ll be eligible to apply for any English-speaking university or college in Canada and beyond, opening the doors to a successful future. 

With each ESL program level taking approximately 8 weeks to complete, students can choose the intake date that works best for them. If you’ve missed the September intake date, it’s not too late to apply for the November intake and begin your English language journey!

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