How to Get Involved at Our Private School in Toronto

How to Get Involved at Our Private School in Toronto

The Great Lakes College of Toronto prides itself on providing a vibrant community and active student life on campus. Each year, we welcome students from diverse areas around the world to Canada’s largest and most exciting city, Toronto, to experience the best of Canada. As they prepare to attend universities across North America, our students learn more about themselves and the culture around them as they get involved in Canadian life and form lasting friendships. 

From extracurricular activities on campus to field trips across the country, students at GLCT find endless opportunities to learn and grow outside of the classroom. Read on to learn more about opportunities to get involved in the school community.

Experience All That Canada Has to Offer

Students coming to our secondary school are eager to learn more about and get involved in the surrounding culture, as they prepare for a future at a North American university. The GLCT campus is located near downtown Toronto in the North High Park area, which includes High Park, the largest park in Toronto, and is in the middle of a prestigious residential area. The school is close to the subway and TTC bus lines, a community library, supermarkets, banks and shopping areas, all within 10-15 minutes of walking distance. This gives students easy access to one of Canada’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities.

At the same, GLCT organizes leisure activities that expose students to key aspects of Canadian culture. School activities such as visits to Niagara Falls and ski trips immerse students in a truly Canadian experience that goes beyond the walls of our private school in Toronto.   

downtown Toronto
Visit downtown Toronto and other Canadian attractions while at our private high school in Canada

Discover Extracurricular Activities on Campus

Getting involved in extracurricular activities is a great way to enrich your secondary school experience. At the same time, you’ll get the chance to discover new skills and interests in preparation for university life. 

GLCT offers a number of different extracurricular activities and school activities for students. This gives them the opportunity to adjust more easily to life on campus and form friendships with their fellow students. Examples of these activities include student council, recreational sports such as basketball and table tennis, as well as university visitations. Whether you have a specific passion that you’re hoping to develop or are looking to expand your horizons, our private high school in Toronto offers a range of activities to enhance your experience on campus. 

Explore new interests through extracurricular activities on campus
Explore new interests through extracurricular activities on campus

Connect With Students From Around the World

At its core, GLCT is a community-focused institution. For over 40 years, we have welcomed international students to our campus, striving to make them feel at home and included in an inviting student body. To assist that transition, students take part in a New Student Orientation and receive a tour of the surrounding neighbourhood and community. This helps to make sure that all students feel comfortable in their new surroundings as they begin their studies. We continue to provide a high level of assistance to students settling in, while giving them opportunities to bond with their peers. As they make memories with one another both inside and outside of the classroom, students at GLCT develop a solid support network that can even last through their university years.

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