3 Interesting Courses To Look Forward To When You Attend Our Fast Track University Prep School

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As you prepare for academic success in post-secondary and eventually, in a career that fulfills you, you’ll need to develop skills in basic subjects like mathematics, English, and science. With that being said, following your natural sense of curiosity is an important part of learning effectively. For this reason, at GLCT, we offer a variety of interesting courses designed to stimulate critical thinking, creativity, and awareness of the world at large. We know that studying various subjects offers many benefits to students. 

For example, those who remain unsure of the field they’d like to pursue can gain some insight into what interests them. Students with a specific career goal in mind can still benefit greatly from a more well-rounded education, gaining transferable skills that will serve them wherever they go. Keep reading to discover some of the interesting courses offered in our fast track university prep program. 

1. Develop A Highly Transferable Skill In Our Writer’s Craft Course

Writing skills significantly improve your ability to communicate your thoughts on any subject. In any field, your ability to write clearly and correctly in a unique style will help you to be more compelling throughout your studies and career. For example, in your post-secondary education, writing papers will be a common assignment that can have a significant impact on your overall academic performance. Thorough research is the first step towards a strong paper but it’s just the beginning. Correct spelling and grammar, a persuasive voice, and effective use of poetic devices also play a role.

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Learn the elements of a strong writing piece in our fast track university prep school.

In our fast track university prep school, you can look forward to our writer’s craft course which will introduce you to the elements of a strong piece of writing. The skills you’ll learn in this course will also help you increase your employability after you’ve graduated from university. During your job search, your first point of contact with a new company will be your resume and cover letter. When these are well-written, your chances of progressing through the recruitment processes increases significantly. 

2. Learn How The Economy Works In Our Analyzing Current Economic Issues Course 

Unfortunately, in today’s world, financial literacy is in short supply with many being unaware of how the economy works and current events within it. Understanding economics, whether you plan to enter the finance field or not, will give you an upper hand as you navigate the financial side of your career, any investments you make in the future, and your ability to manage resources effectively. Our Analyzing Current Economics Issues course not only covers economic theory but aims to allow students to gain a profound understanding of economics through the use of their critical thinking skills during the analysis of current events in the economy. 

3. Understand World Issues When You Attend Our Fast Track University Prep School 

All students seeing a well-rounded education should seek a better understanding of the world around them. Particularly if you’re planning to seek international career opportunities after graduating from our private high school, the World Issues course will help you to increase your awareness of events, people and places that you may not have otherwise understood. 

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Broaden your understanding of the world in our fast track university prep school.

Are you looking for a well-rounded fast-track university prep program that will prepare you to excel both in basic academic subjects and more investigative ones? If so, there’s plenty to look forward to as you study at GLCT. 

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