No smoking/vaping policy

Dear students, parents, and guardians,

The GLCT is a SMOKE-FREE institution. The Smoke‐Free Ontario Act states that smoking and vaping are not allowed in schools. This includes the school grounds and public areas within 20 meters of any point on the perimeter of the school property. Also, it is illegal to sell tobacco and vaping products in school.

At GLCT, everyone is expected to respect the expectations of our NO SMOKING policy, conscientiously. Those violating this policy will face serious consequences and that doesn’t mean only disciplinary. Students failing to comply with the prohibition on smoking and vaping will be charged and expelled from the school. So, do not even try to violate this policy. Any individual caught in the possession of any substance of any kind will be fined $500.

NO SMOKING Policy is well mentioned in the student agenda, page # 51. (See attached the revised No-Smoking policy and Smoke-Free Act for details).

GLCT will provide full support and an educational program to help any individual to resist smoking in any form. Do not hesitate to approach the Guidance Counselor if you need such support. Keep this place smoke-free and safe for all.

Let’s keep the school smoke-free and safe for all.

Neena Mukhi
Principal – GLCT

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