School’s response to COVID-19

Dear parents, friends and students,

When we first heard about COVID-19 spreading rapidly in Asia back in January, we started planning course of actions if we have to close the school. Since our school has been using Microsoft’s Office 365 Education plans, it was not hard to put everyone on board with Microsoft Team that we utilize for remote teaching and learning. The transition was not easy due to everyone were so used to the in-person teaching, but thanks to our teachers dedication to deliver quality education, most of students were able to adapt to the new learning platform. On top of using Microsoft Team, we also use Moodle, one of the most popular learning management system (LMS), to create a new hybrid learning environment. With real time remote teaching via Microsoft Team and Moodle, students’ education was not compromised due to school’s lock down.

Once again, we could not be here without your understanding, cooperation and support.

Thank you very much.


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