The Value of STEM Subjects in a Fast Track University Prep School

At the Great Lakes College of Toronto, our fast track university prep program is designed to help students earn admission to North American universities. We cover subjects that enable our students to pursue a well-rounded education in the Arts, International Business, English, and of course, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

For many reasons, STEM education is extremely valuable to students looking to pursue their career goals in the world today. STEM education doesn’t only represent a group of subjects. It promotes an extremely beneficial set of values and skills that students can carry with them throughout their lives.

Keep reading to learn about the importance of STEM in schools and how it prepares students to succeed in a variety of high-power career paths.

STEM Subjects at Our Private High School Foster Innovation

Innovation in the science and technology sector is flourishing–and there are no signs of this slowing down. STEM graduates often go on to become professionals in the healthcare, technology, and engineering fields, tackling big world issues and using their inventing skills to solve them.

At the Great Lakes College of Toronto, we prioritize personalized learning and provide students with the tools that they need to develop their explorative minds and practice innovating. STEM subjects at our private high school foster a mental framework that empowers students to take risks and seek sustainable solutions to real life issues.

Students can ignite their inventive minds while studying STEM subjects at our fast track university prep school.

Students Taking STEM Subjects Learn Many Transferable Skills

STEM subjects encourage the development of highly transferable skills that will help students succeed in all areas of life–and any career they choose to pursue in the future. Students who take these subjects in our fast track university prep school develop excellent problem solving skills. By challenging themselves, they build confidence and learn to set higher goals.

In addition, a STEM education teaches global awareness, as students are encouraged to shift their focus towards the problems that need to be addressed in our world. STEM subjects also help our students recognize the importance of collaboration. At GLCT, we encourage teamwork by providing a supportive environment where students experience belonging and acceptance.

Students learn highly transferable skills studying STEM subjects at our private high school.

A STEM Education Prepares Students to Make an Impact on the World 

As mentioned, those who study STEM subjects often go on to become professionals in fields like medicine, engineering, and science–all fields that aim to improve the scope of human understanding and use new knowledge to improve the collective quality of life. This provides a meaningful opportunity for students to think about how they can make a difference in the world around them. The Great Lakes College of Toronto has been preparing students for career success for over forty years, allowing over 90% of our students to follow their dreams in North American Universities. 

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