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Attending secondary school in a foreign country can be an intimidating experience. As an international student, you probably have all kinds of questions, like how you’ll make friends, whether you’ll be able to succeed academically if you’ll be able to get accepted into North American universities and colleges, and more. 

At The Great Lakes College of Toronto, we understand that students and their parents may have a number of concerns about the process of adjusting to a new scholastic environment in a new country. That’s why we have a variety of support systems, student services, and curriculum options available to prepare students for college and university in a way that aligns with their goals and promotes their well-being.

Below, learn more about how you’ll be welcomed into the GLCT community as an international student, and succeed on the path to university or college acceptance.

Create a Plan with Personalized Support from Guidance Counsellors

At our private high school in Canada, students always have access to one-on-one support from guidance counsellors. As part of the Personalized Education Program, guidance counsellors are available to assess students’ scholastic capabilities, take their economic situation into account, and create a university plan based on their goals and needs. Guidance counsellors at GLCT possess extensive knowledge of different colleges, universities, programs, and scholarship opportunities, and are experienced in identifying possibilities for students. 

The personalized plan that guidance counsellors develop with students helps them to get into the best possible university or college while ensuring that they’ll feel supported upon arrival to the GLCT and throughout their education and the application process. Supported by this one-on-one guidance, students are prepared to successfully adjust and thrive at GLCT.

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Students have access to personalized support from guidance counsellors at our private high school in Canada

Participate in Orientation Activities

GLCT offers many different activities and events to welcome international students to campus, encourage them to form friendships and provide them with greater knowledge of Canadian culture. At New Student Orientation, students receive assistance settling into their accommodations and exploring GLCT’s on-campus community. They’ll receive support in getting a SIM card, making appointments at the bank, and handling other necessary responsibilities. What’s more, GLCT offers a number of extracurricular activities and field trips throughout the duration of the program, such as ski trips, visits to Niagara Falls, and more. 

As a student at our fast-track university prep school, these opportunities will help you to bond with fellow students, make friends, and become accustomed to the Canadian lifestyle and traditions. Not only will these experiences enhance your time at the GLCT, but they’ll also contribute to your success at university or college in North America.

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GLCT welcomes students through interactive student activities

Prepare for College and University at Our Fast-Track University Prep School

In addition to personalized support and extracurricular and orientation activities, students at GLCT have access to the curriculum and approach they need in order to achieve acceptance at their dream college or university. With the Fast-Track University Preparation program and University Preparation program, students benefit from targeted, high-quality academic programs which equip students with the academic knowledge and results to pursue their post-secondary interests. Throughout the program, students have access to instructors and staff who help them work on areas of improvement and provide other necessary academic support. 

With assistance from a faculty of instructors and counsellors who care about students’ success, GLCT creates a welcoming and comfortable environment within which students can learn, grow, and achieve their goals. 

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