Great Lakes High School: Why Study Online?

Great Lakes High School (GLHS), a certified Ontario Private High School operated by The Great Lakes College of Toronto and Canadian Trillium College, offers a robust study online program designed to meet the diverse needs of students worldwide. 

Established in 2017 and gaining independence in 2020, GLHS has cultivated a strong reputation for preparing students for prestigious universities across North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia. 

This blog post explores why studying online at GLHS is an excellent choice for high school students.

About Great Lakes High School

Great Lakes High School is a distinguished institution focusing on international high school education. Over the past five years, GLHS has developed specialized expertise in guiding students toward academic success and university admission. 

The school’s commitment to quality education is evident in its operation by The Great Lakes College of Toronto, which ensures a high standard of learning and support.

Quality Education

One of the most compelling reasons to study online at GLHS is the quality of education provided. Operated by The Great Lakes College of Toronto, GLHS benefits from a wealth of experience and a robust educational framework. The curriculum is designed to challenge students academically while providing the necessary support to help them succeed. 

Students receive instruction from qualified teachers dedicated to delivering a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. The school’s focus on preparing students for university ensures they have the knowledge and skills to excel in higher education.

A focused female student of our private school studying from home
One of the most compelling reasons to study online at GLHS is the quality of education provided

Hybrid Learning Environment

GLHS offers a hybrid learning environment that combines the flexibility of online education with the benefits of in-person assistance. This unique approach allows students to access high-quality education anywhere in the world while receiving personalized support. 

Online classes complement in-person teaching assistants (TAs) who provide additional help and guidance. This hybrid model ensures that students benefit from the interactive and collaborative aspects of traditional classroom learning, fostering a well-rounded educational experience.

Benefits of Hybrid Learning:

Flexibility: Students benefit from a flexible learning schedule, as classes are offered online and in class, making it easier to balance studies with other commitments.

– Personalized Support: In-person TAs offer tailored assistance, addressing individual student needs and enhancing understanding.

– Interactive Learning: Online platforms facilitate interactive sessions, discussions, and group work, promoting active engagement.

A smiling female student taking online classes from our private school
Studying online at our private school comes with robust support systems

Comprehensive Support

Studying online at our private school comes with robust support systems to ensure students thrive academically and personally. The school provides extensive guidance and technical support to help students navigate their studies smoothly. This includes academic advising, college application assistance, and help with learning English as a second language.

Types of Support Provided:

Academic Guidance: Personalized academic advising helps students choose the right courses and plan their educational pathways effectively.

College Preparation: Specialized support in preparing for university admissions, including application help and interview preparation.

Technical Assistance: Ensuring access to the necessary technology and resources to participate in online learning seamlessly.

Language Support: Programs designed to help international students improve their English proficiency, critical for academic success and everyday communication.

Why Choose to Study Online at GLHS?

At Great Lakes High School (GLHS), we offer accessible and flexible online education. This allows students to study from any location, ideal for international students and those with busy schedules. 

Our rigorous academic program is designed to prepare students for top universities, aligning with the high standards of The Great Lakes College of Toronto. We provide a nurturing and supportive learning environment through a hybrid model and extensive support services, ensuring students stay engaged and motivated. 

Parent testimonials, such as, “My daughter was offered a scholarship from Ryerson University even before graduating from GLCT. The staff was great,” and student feedback like Nargiza Turdieva’s from U.A.E., who says, “The teachers are amazing, they always give you a hand when you need,” highlight the success and satisfaction of our students. 

Join GLHS today for a transformative educational journey!

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