3 Reasons Why Toronto Is the Perfect City for Students in Fast Track University Prep School

A fast-track university prep school student posing for a picture in the hallway.

Students considering enrollment in a Canadian school can benefit greatly from studying in Toronto – the quintessential Canadian megacity. This unique metropolis is ideal for international students – particularly those focussed on university preparation. 

The Great Lakes College of Toronto takes full advantage of our location in Toronto and believes the city contributes significantly to the enriching learning experience that our students can expect. Keep reading to learn three reasons Toronto is the perfect city for students considering a university prep school. 

1. Toronto Is Home to Renowned Universities

Students who are preparing to attend university in Canada can take advantage of being surrounded by some of Canada’s best post-secondary institutions. These include the world-renowned University of Toronto. Other great schools include York University and Ryerson University. Toronto also has various trade schools and career colleges to prepare students for various vocational paths. These include Humber College, Seneca College, and Centennial College.

A photo of the University of Toronto, where fast-track university prep school students may attend after graduation.
Fast-track university prep school students benefit from Toronto’s prestigious universities.

Our multi-functional guidance department has extensive knowledge of schools within Toronto and beyond. Students benefit from personalized assistance as they decide their post-secondary paths and compile comprehensive applications. Regular visits to various universities in Toronto are convenient for our fast-track university prep school students to explore their options. 

2. Toronto Provides a Welcoming, Diverse Community to International Students

Toronto is a diverse, welcoming community that allows students to easily adapt to their new environments safely and comfortably. The city provides an equally important opportunity for students to step outside their comfort zones as they explore various cultures and perspectives.

Our private high school is in a safe, friendly residential area that helps our students and many newcomers feel welcome. GLCT is also located close to the Toronto downtown core, bringing us to the third reason why Toronto is the perfect city for international students seeking to study in Canada.

A diverse group of fast-track university prep school students sitting together.
Toronto makes our fast-track university prep school perfect for international students.

3. Students at Our Fast-Track University Prep School Are at the Center of Metropolitan Life

At GLCT, students are encouraged to lead a balanced life. Our location in Toronto, conveniently close to many essential amenities like grocery stores, banks, and shopping areas, fosters independence and prepares students to function well in prestigious universities’ fast-paced,  adult learning environments. Toronto’s metropolitan atmosphere is perfect for young students to enjoy their free time, exercise responsibility, and enjoy convenience, which complements their busy academic schedules. 

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