2021-2022 Student Council Election

Dear students, Student Council selection is now open to all students at GLCT. Positions include: President Vice-president Secretary Visual director Event Planner Promoter Assistants and many more positions. If you wish to join the student council just apply for the position you want. For those that are wondering if they should apply, remember that joining […]

No smoking/vaping policy

Dear students, parents, and guardians, The GLCT is a SMOKE-FREE institution. The Smoke‐Free Ontario Act states that smoking and vaping are not allowed in schools. This includes the school grounds and public areas within 20 meters of any point on the perimeter of the school property. Also, it is illegal to sell tobacco and vaping […]

COVID Vaccine Policy

Dear Parents and students, As the medical professionals and government officials in our city, province, and country continue to advise us that the vaccinations are our greatest defense against COVID-19, we continue to remain committed to the rules and policies set out by the Chief Medical, Local Medical officers of health and Ministry of Education. […]

University Application – McMaster

McMaster University will be conducting an online presentation to GLCT students on September 17th at 12PM via Zoom. For detail information, please check out “GLCT Students” team’s announcement. ** Update: Thank you Mr. Ray for giving us such informative session about McMaster’s University Application process.

Niagara Falls Trip – October 1st.

Dear students, To celebrate the completion of the first midterm assessment of the school year, students who are staying in the school’s dormitory will be going to Niagara Falls with your teachers on October 1st. Updated ** September 21 The buses will start from the school at 8:30 AM, so please be on-time.The cruise’s boarding […]

Ontario Universities Fair

Dear students, Ontario’s universities are excited to host the Ontario Universities’ Fairs (OUFs) this fall. The OUFs will consist of 2 virtual events: Saturday, September 25, 12-2 pm (ET) Ontario Universities’ Fairs – OUInfo (ontariouniversitiesinfo.ca) Tuesday, October 26, 5-7 pm (ET) Ontario Universities’ Fairs – OUInfo (ontariouniversitiesinfo.ca) All Ontario universities will participate in these free […]