Type of Work or Business Presently Being Done:  

Currently working at Citibank Singapore Ltd.  Have been with the Bank for almost 2 years. Attached to their General Insurance Unit, which is a telemarketing department that sells general insurance products to bank’s customers. Main job scope is reviewing of sales calls to ensure that the sales team meets the Bank’s and Regulatory Compliances.

Experience at The Great Lakes College of Toronto:  

It was an experience for me to meet many students from around the world.  The teachers pay a lot of attention to the students to ensure that what is taught is being understood.  Teachers are caring and there is no biasness shown.  

Hi there,

I think it is a great project to contact the old boys and girls of GLCT and have a data base build up to link all of us together.  Having left GLCT for 20 years, I think this project is seriously overdue.

I received the Form some days ago and the following is my response.

Type of work (present occupation):    General Manager, Foreign Exchange and Remittances

My experience in GLCT:

This was way back in 1985.  I spent only 8 months in GLCT, completed two semesters in the then Grade 13 program in August 1985; and moved on to study at the University of Windsor.  Though only short 8 months, GLCT had taught me many aspects of foreign education, life/social skills and make friends from countries all over.  It was truly an eye opener and widen my international perspectives.

Yours sincerely,

William Ang

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