The Value of STEM Subjects in a Fast Track University Prep School

At the Great Lakes College of Toronto, our fast track university prep program is designed to help students earn admission to North American universities. We cover subjects that enable our students to pursue a well-rounded education in the Arts, International Business, English, and of course, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). For many reasons, STEM […]

Overcoming Common Language Challenges With our ESL Program

At the Great Lakes College of Toronto, we understand how challenging it can be to learn a new language and integrate into a completely new environment as an international student. Particularly when students seek to be enrolled in competitive post-secondary programs in North America, a strong command of the English language will set the foundation […]

Residence Options For Those in Private High School in Canada

In addition to providing quality education and preparing students for success in North American post-secondary institutions, The Great Lakes College of Toronto prides itself on its prime locale. Our campus is near Downtown Toronto within a safe, prestigious residential area. Students will be within walking distance from everyday essentials like supermarkets, subway and bus lines, […]

How Our ESL Program Benefits Private High School Students

Your English skills shouldn’t hold you back from exploring learning opportunities in North America. No matter what level of English proficiency you have, at the Great Lakes College of Toronto, enrolling in our English as a Second Language (ESL) program equips you with the English communication skills necessary to excel in your studies.  Students can […]

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How Private High School Students Improve Academic Results

If you’re coming from an international background with the goal of receiving higher education in Canada or the United States, improving your academic results is the key to success. When it comes to preparing for life after secondary school, whether that’s university or college, building a strong academic foundation will help you to stand out […]